Carissa and Craig

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our living room by our Christmas tree

How We Met

We met at the young age of 16 at work & I fell in love the very second I saw him. December 2, 2006 will always be the night I’ll never forget. We are high school sweethearts even though we did not go to the same high school! That Monday at school I said to my best friend, ” I fell in love with him, I’m gonna make him mine, & marry him one day!” Who would’ve thought that very statement would come true ?!

I fell in love at 16 & never looked back. I was never interested in anyone else but him. My very first love & forever my last love. We made it through the last 2 years of high school, college, jobs, & everything in between, together. It wasn’t a breeze all the time but most of the time it was. We bought a fixer upper starter house together at 21 & turned it into our home.

how they asked

Our home became even fuller with love on Christmas morning of 2016. My very favorite holiday proved to be best when Craig sat down on the couch with me and said “are you ready?! This is a good one!” I am thinking to myself…um yeah I am ready? Not having ANY clue as to what was going to happen next. He pulled out a blue jewelry box & my heart stopped. He opened the box to reveal the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen & said, “Rissi, will you marry me ?” Through the happiest tears I said YES!

We will become “Mr & Mrs Craig Szablewski” on April 28, 2018 !

Carissa and Craig's Engagement in Our living room by our Christmas tree

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our living room by our Christmas tree