Carissa and Brent

Image 1 of Carissa and Brent

I had been sick all week but Brent’s sister was in town and she’s a photographer and only had one day to go up to the aspens and take pictures. So dispite being sick, I said yes to Christy that we could go to the mountains. Brent was suppose to go with us, but that morning he texted me and said he had a meeting to go into for work so he would meet up with us later. Christy and I made our way to the mountains and were frolicking and taking pictures and Christy wanted me to lean against a tree and say “Aspens” while she took my picture. I thought Christy why are you being weird but I didn’t it anyways. Come to find out, that was the key word for Brent to come out and surprise me. He came out from the boulder and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! Ps- I had no clue he was in the picture of me leaning against the tree :)

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Special Thanks

Christy Swanberg
 | Photographer