Carissa and Barak

How We Met

Barak and I have been dating for 1 year now. We actually met at church, and the intention was to set up our siblings. Little did we know that we would be the ones to become best friends through the process, and then proceed to date. I LOVE traveling and this summer my family and I took a 3 week long road trip all over the west. Barak had to stay back to work, but we planned for him to meet up with us during the last week of the trip.

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On Sunday July 23rd we entered the cute little town of Silverton, CO. As we scaled down the mountains into the town, I sent Barak a text saying, “I wish you were here, this place is sooo beautiful”. He quickly responded ” I am sure you will love the town and shops even more.” We were traveling in a caravan of 3 RV’s so entering this town was quite a hassle (the roads were so tiny). I was freezing since we had come from Zion National Park (where it was 90 degrees the day before) ,and I was starving because we hadn’t eaten dinner yet. As we pulled into our campsite my mom asked me to go with her to the Ranger Station to check in. I was so grumpy at this point because of my lack of food and all the traveling we had done. I was so surprised she got me to finally go with her to the station. I remember mumbling the whole walk there about how freezing I was. When I walked into the building I immediately looked across the room at this HUGE moose on the wall and before I could walk another step Barak stepped from behind that wall. I froze because I was so shocked to see him!

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I remember myself shaking when he hugged me because of my pure shock (and probably lack of food haha). He was not supposed to be there until Tuesday and this was Sunday. We spent the rest of the night talking and walking around the quite downtown streets of Silverton. He told me when he had sent me the text about the shops, he had been inside one of them waiting to see our caravan of Rv’s go by. I couldn’t believe I didn’t suspect anything. The next morning we all planned to drive jeeps up into Ouray, CO, which is affectionately referred to as the Switzerland of America because of its sheer beauty. As we drove down these insanely windy roads with sheer drop offs I remember noticing how nervous Barak was, but I assumed it was due to the terrain we were traveling on. We stopped on the top of a mountain that had snow covering it, and Barak asked if I wanted to get out and take a picture. Of course I NEVER turn down a photo opportunity so we got out and walked up to the side of the mountain, and thats when I noticed…….. some dead marmots. I started laughing so hard because it was this beautiful scenery and then two dead marmots were just laying there.

We got back into our jeeps and continued the ascent. We finally made it to our destination and on the drive up I remember spotting the waterfall they call “Bridal Veil Falls”. I got Barak to go stand in front of it and I took a few pictures and then we hopped back in our jeep with my family and some friends following behind us. At the top, my mom handed us some sandwiches and Barak said that we should go explore some. Our two friends walked with us until we got to this really cool abandoned water tower. They “disappeared” and Barak told me he wanted to show me something he had made for me. He sat down and pulled out a scrapbook from his backpack. It was a scrapbook I had filled halfway with pictures and given to him for Valentine’s Day.

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I was very confused as to why he was giving it back to me. I started flipping through the pages and we laughed together at all the funny and fun memories we have shared. I reached the point in the book where I had finished scrapbooking and noticed that he had finished putting pictures in it up to this point! I could not believe he had scrapbooked….true love right there folks! On the last page their were empty pockets with sentimental items placed in each, but the last pocket was empty. I looked up at him with an inquisitive look and thats when he said, “the thing that goes in this pocket will hopefully go on your finger for the rest of your life.”

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He then got on one knee and said something really sweet that I can’t even remember because I was in complete shock, and pure bliss. Of course, I said YES immediately and he pulled out a handmade ring box with the most unique ring inside. I started crying as soon as I realized what was taking place. My best friend in the entire world was choosing to love me for the rest of my life. We hugged and cried and I just kept asking if this was really happening.

He told me he had kept the ring on him since April and that he had compiled a video for me since he received the ring until today. Our friends who had been hiding in the bushes came out and took some more pictures for us and then we walked back down to the jeeps where my family hugged and congratulated us.

Happy tears were going all around and it was a moment I will never forget. Later that night we celebrated with pizza at a cute cafe in Ouray, and then I watched the video Barak had made for me. He had videoed himself making the ring box out of wood from my backyard. He had videoed footage of me walking beside him when he had the ring in his pocket, and tons of other footage from his reactions, to his first time seeing the ring, and even getting my dads permission. It was such a perfect day and he put so much thought into very aspect of it. I later found out that I had totally ruined his first spot he wanted to propose at, by spotting out those 2 dead marmots! I now get the privilege of spending a lifetime with a man far beyond what I could have ever prayed for and I am truly so excited for the many more adventures we will share together.

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