Carissa and Adrian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Wilson Creek Winery

How We Met

Adrian and I have been together since we were 14 years old. I’ve always told him even at such a young age I knew he was the one. The way he popped the question was more than I could of dreamed of.

how they asked

For Christmas he got me a gift card to go to the winery and it wasn’t anything out of the usual because that is our go to winery. So he had mentioned that New Year’s Day there was going to be live music and different sections of the winery opening up and that he wanted to take me that day along with our best friends. Again it was nothing out of the ordinary. We get there before our friends and go into the new restaurant they have. Finally our friends got there after we finished eating and we walked up the path of vines like we usually do and took some pictures as we always do. He walk up a little further I was just following behind my friend. Then my fiancé says “let’s walk through this path” and I go along with him. Then I start to see pictures hung up and immediately start to tear up still having no idea what is going on. He being to point out certain pictures like the first picture we ever took together and different outings we had together.

Then he turns to me and being reading me this heart wrenching letter he wrote me and at the end of that I said “thank you” still being clueless. He then got down on one knee and I could not get any words out because of the tears. I just shook my head yes. He then brought me down to a little picnic area where he had our closest friends and family. It was the most perfect proposal to me. And I am so excited for this new journey with the love of my life.