Carina and Matt

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How We Met

We met on Match and quickly hit it off but didn’t really date right away. We connected over our love of travel and to his surprise my love for baseball.

Around the time we met, I had a move into a new apartment scheduled. Even though we were mainly friends at the time, Matt offered to help me out. In a situation that usually brings the worst out in people, we were both surprised how much fun we had together on moving day and how well we worked as a team. I couldn’t believe I was actually dreading for the day to be over! We both knew there was something special there and decided to spend more time together (with a little less heavy lifting involved). We actually saw each other again the very next day for a Halloween party.

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(Matt LOVES the cubs)

how they asked

We spent almost an entire year planning a trip to my favorite city, Paris. Matt had not been yet and I couldn’t wait to make new memories there with him. Many people asked if I thought he would propose during this trip, and I wondered too, but didn’t spend too much time mulling it over. During the first half of our time in the city, many romantic opportunities arose and lovely as they were, there was no knee. I figured it was just not the time, and didn’t think twice about it.

We decided to take a river boat dinner cruise one night. We had a perfect table facing out onto the Seine River. I could hardly take my eyes away from the window as we passed all the historical places I loved. We passed the Eiffel Tower just as it was lit up and twinkling. I was so distracted by it (and determined to get a good photo), I didn’t even notice the little blue box that Matt had snuck in front of me. I was completely surprised when I turned back around.

He asked, I cried and said YES! Somehow Matt knew I loved pear shaped diamonds, even though we had never gone ring shopping.

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The waiters brought champagne and dessert with sparklers out for us. Then to our surprise a couple from the next table over got up in front of the room. They explained they were from SF, musicians on tour in Europe and happened to have a guitar handy even though tonight was their night off. They serenaded us with “At Last,” which automatically became our song of choice for our first dance. It was the perfect surprise in what is now both of our favorite cities and a night neither of us will ever forget.

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