Carina and Dominic

How We Met

Dom and I met at work. We had been friends for a while but we didn’t actually get together until I had left the office. We kept in touch and often met for drinks. We are both big football fans and had a bet on a Sunderland vs Arsenal game. If Arsenal lost then Dom would have to make me dinner….Arsenal obviously won and Dom kept to his word and cooked me an amazing meal. We ended up having a cheeky kiss that night and it all went from there!

how they asked

To celebrate being together for one year, Dom made me a story book with illustrations showing our first year together and all the things we had done together. It was super cute.

On our third anniversary (whilst I thought Dom had gone out to get us coffees) I got a text asking me to get a box from under the sofa. In this box was the sequel to the first book except pages were missing… I was then sent on an incredible treasure hunt to collect the missing pages. The treasure hunt took me to Top Golf where we had our first date followed by lots of random and meaningful places to us. It was so well thought out and looking back so many people were involved in making it happen. My sister and two cousins were with me on the treasure hunt which made it extra special to share the experience with my best friends (I naively at the time, thought that they were just as oblivious as me about the day) The treasure hunt ended at Southplace hotel in London which is my absolute favourite hotel and we go every year for my birthday. Dom was waiting for me in the room, down on one knee and a gorgeous ring! And I obviously said YES.

It was the most amazing, emotional and happy day!

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