Carin and Tim

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How We Met

It was the first day of Biology in college. I walked in and picked a seat in the far corner because I did not like to sit where I could be noticed. The room didn’t seem to be filling up like the rest of my classes. After 5 people walked in, a guy walks in and sit directly behind me even though there were plenty of other seats left. Class was pretty boring in my opinion and he seemed to be a bit of a class clown which got my attention and made me laugh. This was a lab course so we had lab groups on Fridays. We silently went into the same group as one another. A couple weeks went by and we began to make jokes to one another and start to small talk. It was the Friday before spring break we ended up walking out of class at the same time. He stopped me and asked if he could have my number in case he needed help with the quizzes due on break. At that moment I knew our small talks and short laughs would grow to be much more.

We began to text non stop and I began to look for a message from him. We talked strictly like friends until one night, he called me to talk before bed. He told me that he began to have feelings for me. There was one major detail, I was in a relationship with someone else. It wasnt a good relationship, he did not treat me right, but Tim did. From April to July, Tim fought like hell to win me over and I was being very stubborn even though I had feelings for him too. We talked all day and all night. We hung out and started to create wonderful memories. In July, Tim finally told me that I needed to choose who I wanted to be with because he was tired. That was all I needed to hear. I woke up and saw how amazing the man pleading for me was. From that moment on, I promised him that I would be his and only his. This was 4 years ago. I would not trade any moment of it. It made our relationship as strong as it is today. Tim truly is the man of my dreams.

how they asked

It was our first real vacation, just the two of us and completely on the other side of the country. We wanted to go to California. During our trip we went to LA, Disneyland and drove up highway 1 to San Francisco. We are disney fanatics and love going to Disney world on the east coast so we were excited to visit disneyland. On our first day in Disneyland, Tim asked me if I wanted to get a caricature done while in the park. I immediately agreed because since we’ve been together Tim has always voiced how he does not like them because of a bad drawing done when he was a kid. I was thrilled that he wanted to finally get one and I got to be a part of it. We walked over to New Orleans square and sat down at the caricature place.

We were joking about how this one is probably going to turn out like his last one and he continued to stay calm. I began to notice a small crowd forming but he quickly wrote it off by saying “she must be doing a great job” and I agreed. The artist and another worker began engaging in friendly conversation with us (I later found out it was to distract me further). The other worker asked Tim for if we would like any pictures taken.. I said yes and he handed her my phone. About 15 more minutes went by and there was a crowd of about 50 people. The artist said that she was finished and to come around and take a look. I got up, walked to the photo and realized what was happening!

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I turned back to Tim to see him on one knee with the ring in his hand! I was totally surprised! He did such an amazing job and the worker got to video it! It was a dream come true!

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