Caricature Proposal in Santa Monica

How We Met, from the bride’s perspective: I was introduced to Eddie and the first thing I noticed was his HAIR. It was curly, but not really. It stuck straight out like a wiry porcupine. You just had to be there to see it for yourself. But underneath all that hair, I saw his eyes. They were intriguing. It wasn’t a “love at first sight” type of feeling, but it made me notice him. Or maybe the hair did that.

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Anyways, fast forward about 30 minutes of small talk with various mutual friends and I followed the crowd outside to the patio. Then “the hair” made a comment about my shoes, “you shouldn’t wear those shoes in here.” “The hair” proceeded to tell me about how open-toed stilettos don’t belong at a dance club with grimy, alcohol laden floors. He was right and the conversation quickly evolved into deeper topics about our upbringings, pet peeves, and other general likes or dislikes. Then a friend came out to see if we were still alive. Guess that was our cue to head back inside and join the rest of the group.

I walked away from that conversation wanting more, but thank goodness we went back inside because if I was attracted to this boy because of the insightful conversation we just had outside, I was IN LOVE with his dancing skills! I mean, this boy could DANCE! I swear I watched him for hours, and I must have because before I knew it, it was time to leave the club!

Of course I gave him my number when he finally asked for it at the very end of the night. To my surprise, he called me the very next day, (I heard about this 3-day rule that guys like to abide by) and I haven’t been able to stop talking to him since. That was eight years ago now.

The past eight years flew by, but it still feels like I’ve known him for a lifetime. I don’t think the “how we met” portion compares to our “how we grew” story. We’re still working on that, but even in our short eight years, he’s helped me grow in ways I’ve never seen myself growing in. He’s not just my confidant, he’s the one that taught me about effective communication. He’s not just the one that earned my trust, but the one who took the time to heal all the broken hearts he never caused.

Looking back, our relationship is sort of serendipitous. Growing up, we lived 15 miles apart and hung out in the same two areas everybody our age in the San Gabriel Valley (Los Angeles) hung out at. We had mutual friends in high school and generally attended the same events. We realize that we could have met 10 years earlier because of all our commonalities, but it wouldn’t have worked out back then anyways. I didn’t know who I was yet and I was in no position to handle a mature relationship. So while it’s fun to think about the past, I’m totally ready for the future. This “happily ever after” gig might not be so bad after all!

how they asked, from the Groom’s perspective: Caricatures artwork has always been a running theme in our relationship. Through the years we’ve gotten many of them from multiple places around the world, so it made sense for me to propose by circling around with this same concept. This was 4-5 months of planning and a ton of logistics. My roommate helped me devise a plan where we could get some of our friends out to Santa Monica to celebrate his “birthday”.

The idea was to get Sybil out to the Santa Monica Pier with a small group of friends. She was told that we were going to be hanging out at the pier prior to an early birthday dinner we had set up for my roommate. This was to throw off the idea of why we’d all be hanging out at the pier (which we rarely do) but was perfect because she already knew that they had caricature artists there (easier to sell me wanting to get one done).

I planted a caricature artist at the Santa Monica pier on that particular day, just so this could all pan out. I also commissioned another caricature artist from Disneyland to draw a portrait of me on my knee’s proposing to Sybil.

Prior to us showing up at the pier, my sister, her boyfriend, and my film crew had to show up on location to link up with the caricature artist. They had to position us in a place where we would not be able to easily see camera’s that were pointed in our direction. My sister also had to provide the on site artist with the “real” artwork that I was going to propose. She was also carrying my ring box with engagement ring.

The plan was to have the Santa Monica artist draw us, and I would complain about the artwork and request for him to adjust it. While he was adjusting the image, I would start my speech.

The question directly prior to me proposing to her involved a Ring Pop. I used this to officially ask her to be my girlfriend. There’s been a long running joke between me and Sybil that we’re actually not together, because I’ve actually never asked her to be my girlfriend… So I figured it would be best to make her my girlfriend before making her my wife. Once after he was finished “adjusting” the image, he would reveal the proposal artwork. The good ol’ switcheroo!

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After the proposal we still went to dinner, but it wasn’t for my roommates birthday – it was a celebratory dinner which included my family, her family, as well as some of our other friends.

Video by: Salty Tiers Productions // Photos by: Blink