Sharon and Ryan's Caricature Marriage Proposal

How We Met: It was summer of 04′ when one of my best friends met a boy from class. At that time, she was dating her husband. But like a good best friend, she always had her eyes open for any potential guys for me. One day, day a group of us girls decided to go out to a club with some of our friends. So what a great time to introduce us, right? Little did we know he has his eyes on my friend, so he needed a wing man to keep me occupied. That’s where Ryan came in. I ended up with the wing man!!!

Summer of 04′ = We met

08.23.05 = He asked me to be his girlfriend

02.08.15 = He asked me to marry him

how they asked: Going to Disneyland isn’t a big deal for us. One of my best galpal’s husband works for Disney so trips to Disneyland is rather frequent. We all planned our Funday Sunday in Disneyland. Ryan and I were there with my 2 best friends and their significant others, and my sister. We hung out at California Adventures, since that’s where the booze was at. After a few beers and margarita’s, we all decided to finally go ride something.

While walking to the ride, we passed by a caricature stand, and I got excited because I’ve always wanted to get one done. As we were getting our caricature done, I noticed slowly there was a crowd of people staring at us. I thought our artist (Brooke) was drawing something really outrageous, like me on a wrecking ball or something.

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As soon as he was finished, the artist told me that I can be the first to come and look at the final picture. At this point, there was a lot of people crowding around us. When I walked around to look at the picture, it took me awhile to figure out what was happening. I kept looking and staring at the picture trying to find something funny. But then I noticed the big diamond in the picture and the thought bubble that said “Will You Marry Me?” and that’s when it hit me, what was going on. I kept yelling “Oh? Oh! OH MY GOSH!” and I turned around and found the love of my life, on 1 knee, asking “Will You Marry Me?” And of course I answered HELL YES!!!

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It was so amazing that I got to share this wonderful moment with some of our closest friends, my sister, and his brother (who arrived just in time for the proposal).

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