Cari and Kenneth


How We Met

We met just nine months ago at a friend’s birthday dinner, which neither of us had the energy to attend that night. I lived an hour away but last minute decide to go with crazy curly hair and little makeup. I walked into the restaurant and saw the birthday girl, went over to give her a hug and noticed the cutest guy wearing joggers and a pullover. Neither of us talked until we had been seated though. My best friend was a friend of his too from grade school so he sat by us (yay!) and started chatting away. He had the most contagious smile and laugh! I couldn’t help but think this guy was way too great for me so I tried to play it cool and smile his way. He thought it was funny to introduce himself every few minutes and shake my hand, I absolutely loved the attention but had no clue if he was flirting or just had the best personality ever?!

Little to my knowledge, everyone had planned to go ice-skating after dinner. Kenneth was going so there was no way I was going to miss out if he would be there! I walked in and immediately looked around for him. He was nowhere to be seen until I heard someone say, “Kenneth is already on the ice!” Laughing we all watched as he came to the glass, smiled my way, and continued skate/ fall. I finally made my way onto the rink and he kept skating by to say hey or introduce himself again. He was so cute and a little clumsy, which made him ever cuter. On his last lap, he came up and asked what a place like me was doing at a girl like this. I giggled at his mix up and he laughed saying, “Man, I messed that up,” then he skated off.

His final and best attempt was off the ice as we took a break. I walked over to where he was sitting to “grab my phone” and he said, “So, what’s a girl like you doing at a place like this?” I laughed and congratulated him for getting it right this time. “But seriously,” he said, “I’m hitting on you,” I was so stunned. My words left and I got super nervous. All I could say was that he was so cute and walk away. Yep, I knew I had blown it. Kenneth is definitely not one to give up easily. He marched over to where I had sat down and asked me what my boyfriend’s name was. “I don’t have one,” I said shyly and he sat a little straighter then smiled. He asked for my number. I gave it to him. He took me on a lap around the skating rink; and we have talked every day since.

how they asked

I was unsuspecting of anything as Kenneth and I walked hand-in-hand through the pumpkin patch on a Sunday afternoon. Two weeks earlier, I had suggested we go to the pumpkin patch with my sisters and their boyfriends. Kenneth gladly agreed and I go every year so it was defiantly not out of the ordinary!

We all took our time going through the corn maze and taking pictures along the way. My sister’s boyfriend, whose family owned the farm, suggested we go see the creek down a trail in the woods. We were all game because it was a gorgeous day! Kenneth led me down the trail as I went on and on about the weather and changing leaves. I turned around to tell my sister something and caught them with phones up, taking pictures of us. I was so suspicious but honestly thought they were capturing our cute walk through the woods. I mean, we were pretty cute walking and holding hands through the trees.


Kenneth had supposedly worked that morning after church and I had been a little upset about it. As we walked, he looked at me and told me he had not gone to work that day at all. I was confused by what he meant and then he motioned for me to look ahead. Down the trail, in the middle of the woods, were strung lights and pictures of us from each special date and memory. I was in complete shock as he walked me to the lights. He knelt down to one knee and looked me in the eye. My body was shaking and to be honest, most of what he said is a blur. However, when he asked if I would marry him all I could do was shake my head yes and cry. The man of my dreams wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and I could not even speak!




After taking a million pictures, he told me that he had a picnic for us in a barn loft. I was still in shock and could not wait to see it.



My sister started to video as we walked to the barn. She ran up the stairs to capture the walk in and the best surprise was our family waiting for us! We walked in as they shouted “Congratulations!!” All I could do was look for my mom and cry. It was the most amazing day of my life so far and better than either of us could have imagined!


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