Cari and Devon

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How We Met

Devon and I met in 2010 when I was working at Steak N’ Shake as a waitress. I had been working there almost a year and he had just started. My friend and him already knew each other from life guarding the summer before. So we became friends. Over the years he showed interest in me and though I did find him very attractive and fun to be around, he was also a party boy and I didn’t want that. It was the summer of 2012 when he and I started to become really close. I would hang out with Devon almost every weekend over the summer and when school started, I spent most nights at his place doing homework or playing video games.

The month of October that year was particularly stressful on me and he was there for me the whole way and he always seemed to know right when I needed him. That Halloween we decided to dress up together as Pebbles and BamBam from the Flintstones. It was the next night that he and I were studying together and spent a few hours just talking when the atmosphere around us changed. We were just joking around and for a second we got really close, but we backed away from it. Trying to see if the moment would happen again, Devon started to mess with me again and again we got really close, and he kissed me. That moment is what changed our relationship. We’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

So Devon had been planning on asking me to marry him for about 2 years, he says. We had been together for a little over 3 years when we decided to take a vacation, just the two of us. Usually when we go anywhere it’s with family. So we planned a trip to the Bahamas. The trip was going to be our first attempt at an adventure. When we arrived we set up scuba diving, snorkeling, and a trip to the Pink Sand Beach, which was on a different island. So the day we went to the Pink Beach, I noticed he was acting a little strange about leaving the bag that carried all our stuff in it. I just assumed he wanted to make sure it didn’t fly off the ferry (it was very windy on deck).

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Or maybe I’m just naive because I wasn’t suspicious at all. When we arrived on the island, we got lunch, a delicious local place where we had cracked conch and grilled lobster. Absolutely amazing! Then we took the golf cart to the beach. We walked around for a while and decided to get in the water. We body surfed the waves and just played around. I wanted to get some pictures before we left and so he went to ask some people along the beach if they could take our picture. As they were taking the picture, he got down on his knee and asked.

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I was in such shock that it took me a second to realize that it was really happening. Of course I said yes! It was absolutely the most amazing surprise and the best vacation ever!

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