Cari and Cory

How We Met

Cari and Cory met in 2004 in Columbus, OH while playing basketball at a local park. They quickly became good friends, and remained in contact over the next 10 years, providing support, a listening ear, and friendly advice to one another throughout various times of need during each other’s lives. In May of 2014, Cory and Cari both found each other single, decided to follow their hearts. After a dinner date and a trip to the movies to see Spiderman II, they were inseparable.

Image 1 of Cari and Cory

how they asked

In December 2016, Cari and Cory were invited to go on a family trip to Jamaica with Cari’s family. On the second day in paradise, the couple went to a beautiful restaurant at the resort. This restaurant included a six course meal, a pianist, and even a photographer to capture what seemed to be shaping up as the perfect moment. From the weather and wine, to the music and the moonlight, everything was perfect. Until one bite, and one food allergy later, everything changed. With Cari now recovering in her room, Cory began wondering if his chance for the best moment to propose had now been lost. Then he realized, this was indeed the perfect time. Having many prior talks about marriage, the couple had agreed all along that no matter how crazy or unexpected some situations may be, if you just love each other through it all, you’ll make it. So after he thought it through (and she slept it off), the night would go on. The two later met back up for a walk on the beach (and under the stars) where Cory, having already received her parents blessing, lovingly asked for Cari’s hand in marriage! And now, it all begins…

Image 2 of Cari and Cory