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How we met: Ben and I have had a whirlwind relationship from the start. It was four years ago in Melbourne, Australia where we first met. I was traveling with my father on a business trip and was introduced to Ben by mutual friends.

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To say it was love at first sight sounds cheesy, but it was honestly crazy, stupid, doesn’t make sense love at first sight. Before I walked into Ben’s life, he had made the decision to wait for the right girl, so he had not dated anyone for 10 years, so to sum that up he was a little resistant. I asked Ben out for a coffee, which is totally out of my character, but things just felt right. Our late morning coffee date turned into a lunch date where we talked for hours, laughed and where we realized we were 12 years apart in age. Somehow although we both knew things didn’t make sense, we both knew we immediately loved each other. For the remaining time I was in Melbourne we stayed up sitting in the lobby of the hotel I was staying in every night until 5 am getting to know each other. It suddenly hit me on my last night there I was going to have to get on a plane and fly back to America and I felt a piece of my heart break. Ben took me to the airport the next morning where he first kissed me sitting at an airport coffee shop waiting for my flight to board. I knew he was going to be the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

For the next few years we experienced the reality of a long-distance relationship, Ben working in Australia, myself in college in Los Angeles. Skype became a part of our everyday routine, where we would sit and talk all night, we would have meals together through the screen, and wish we were together. As time went on and the weight of life sets in, we realized we both couldn’t do the long distance anymore and decided to call it off and we said if it’s meant to be, God will bring us back together someway. It was 2 years of a lot of tears, and regret but in the end I knew I had to just let him go if I ever wanted him back.

Last January, Ben came into San Diego for a conference. I restated if I would go down and see him because I didn’t know how things would be between us. If there would still be that connection and spark. To get to the point… I went, saw him and nothing had changed. We were still the same two people completely smitten and in love. I will never forget that weekend in San Diego because I knew it was the the start of the rest of my life. We made plans to visit each other every few months until I graduated and then I was going to move out to Australia and live for a few months to see where things took us. We were living in Australia for 7 months, and we both felt to move back to the US, so this Christmas, he packed his whole life up and moved to be with me.

how they asked: Because we both knew we were going to get married it was a matter of if, it was when Ben was going to ask me. With both of our large families’ schedules we decided to pick a venue before we were actually engaged to allow people time to make travel arrangements. We decided on the beautiful Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach, California.

My initial feelings with booking a venue before getting engaged were the best, I felt like we were doing things backwards but also had to understand that no one’s situation is ever the same. Although I knew it was coming I never expected what he had planned for me.

It was a Monday afternoon, which is Ben’s day off and we had planned to just spend the day together and have dinner later in the evening. I had just flown back into town the previous day so I was just excited to spend the day with him. Ben threw me off by saying he had to have a work meeting and it was an emergency and couldn’t get out of it. To say the least I was annoyed, and not letting him off the hook. While he was in his “meeting” I had to run a few errands and take the contract to our wedding venue. Time got away from me and I ended up rushing to meet the time in which i was supposed to be there so I threw on a sweater, swept my hair back and thought I would just finished getting ready for dinner after I dropped this contract off.

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I arrived at the venue scattered and feeling rushed, and to make matters worse the wedding coordinator at the venue lied and informed me that ” the lawn where the ceremony will be has been damaged and I needed to come look at it.” My heart sank, what else could go wrong today? As we were walking we come up on a computer on a table, which I didn’t even notice, the wedding coordinator had to inform me that there was a card that had my name of it next to the laptop. The next thing I know I’m reading a note written by Ben talking about how our relationship started with computers and he had all of our messages printed out from the last few years, I was then directed to another station which had the hotel key from where I stayed in Melbourne the first time we met. I was then led by a trail of every single photo we have ever taken to the station with our flight tickets from every time we traveled back and forth to see each other.

At this point I had tears streaming down my face walking down the lawn to meet Ben who was waiting for me surrounded by hundreds of candles. He told me that all of these things were moments we’ve shared together but he didn’t just want to do moments he wanted a whole lifetime, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him, it was by far the most perfect moment of my life. We are getting married next weekend at the same place where he proposed.

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