Cara and Zach

How We Met

Zach and I met through a mutual friend. There was a Halloween music festival in town that was sold out and I was desperately trying to get tickets. A friend randomly texted me and said he had an extra ticket that I could have. I was over the moon and decided I would go with him and his friends and meet my friends there. When I showed up at his apartment Zach was there. He was very quiet and I am quite the opposite. I had my face painted like a skeleton and unless you knew me, you would have no idea what I actually looked like. We ended up having an amazing time at the concert and stayed up until 4 am talking and giggling with friends. He asked me to come back over the next day to tailgate for an OSU football game and when I showed up he said, “you’re the same girl from last night?!” as this was the first time he had seen my real face. We were inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Zach and I were on vacation in New Mexico. I really wanted to see the White Sands National Monument but it was almost four hours away from our Airbnb in Santa Fe. Zach agreed to take me and so we made plans for weeks before we left that we would make a day trip out of it. The night before we were supposed to leave we got a flat tire! There was no way we could drive 4 hours with a donut on the rental car. He stayed very calm and we were able to get a totally new car the morning of our drive. We giggled, sang old Eminem songs, and talked the whole way. It was so unbelievably hot and kind of miserable as soon as we got there but we found a spot to cool down until sunset.

We packed our book bag with our tripod to take pictures and blankets to set up to watch the sunset. We walked deep into the dunes to be alone for a romantic sunset today. Zach was setting up the tripod to take pictures and was positioning me in the frame. He grabbed the Bluetooth remote for the camera and turned on the portable speaker. As I was waiting for him to join me for a picture he turned on Dog Years by Maggie Rogers and my heart sunk to my stomach. Could this be it?! Nah, there’s no way. He walked over and I went to put my arm around him for a picture when he leaned in for a kiss. He immediately dropped to one knee and I screamed, “SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” He had kept the ring in his book bag for 4 days! I was so surprised and couldn’t say yes quick enough!