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We were going to fly to Pittsburgh for an early Christmas celebration with my family and I had to run a few work errands in the morning before we left. We have a bad habit of leaving late for the airport so naturally, I came home later than I should have and was running around frantically to get everything together before heading out.

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A few years ago when Taylor and I were talking about our future, I told him he had to include our first kitty, Olivia, in the mix for a proposal. Fast forward to running around preparing to leave and Taylor is up on our homemade loft with Olivia asking me to come up for a minute and look at our beautiful mountain view of Ten Mile Range. Naturally, in a frenzy, I told him I don’t have time! He asked again so I reluctantly made my way up to the loft worrying we would miss our flight.

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Little Miss Olivia trots over to my lap with a necklace on and a fake diamond ring attached. In shock, I look up to see Taylor on one knee with the actual ring. I think I blacked out, but what I remember is screaming yes and pouncing on top of Taylor bawling my eyes out. Exact words may have been lost but thinking about spending my life with Taylor was everything.

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We popped a bottle of champagne and had a quick toast to our future together before we rushed out to make our flight. We (shockingly) made it to the airport with minutes to spare but in our excitement, we (he) totally forgot my suitcase!

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Oh well, we made it back to Pittsburgh sans anything I had packed and to my surprise, we were greeted with a planned engagement party with all of our closest friends and family. Best. Night. Ever. The engagement perfectly describes how magical Taylor makes life and how excited we are for what lies next.

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