Cara and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I met online in the summer of 2014. Considering the small city we’re from, we had no mutual friends and completely different career paths. Through conversation, I’ve learned that he was outgoing and had a love for travel. We met up for a drink about a week later and the rest is history. We went “looking” at rings and ended up designing my dream ring after two short months of meeting. This man was and will remain the man I could have only dreamt about. He will surprise me with a dozen roses on a random Tuesday and will arrive on Wednesday with a dozen more just because it made my day a little brighter! We have traveled to beautiful Hawaii together but I didn’t see what was coming when he planned a weekend getaway in romantic Montreal, Canada!

how they asked

Matt and I travel as often as we can. We love south Florida but this time, he planned something a little different. We would fly north instead of south. We arrived in Montreal, Canada for Halloween weekend. Matt had planned a fall photoshoot in the city on Halloween day. This was not unusual considering Matt had a photographer shoot fall photos last year as well as a photography session while we were in Hawaii last spring. Halloween (Saturday) morning arrived a day after we arrived in Canada. We got ready as usual and headed to a city park where the photographer recommended. We were about 20 minutes in to our fall photoshoot when we found a bench along a leafy pathway. I sat down, looked to my right, and found him down on one knee with the little box holding the ring we designed exactly one year ago! My initial reaction was shock, but “yes” followed shortly after! It was unforgettable and a moment I’ll never forget.

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