Cara and Daniel

How We Met

Dan and I met in high school. We had a class together senior year and were acquaintances but didn’t run in the same circle of friends. He was always very friendly and I thought he was cute. Fast forward, we were both juniors in college at Boise State University (2012). I was waiting for a friend to get out of class so we could grab lunch. I saw Dan in the distance and he gave me a head nod but at that moment I pretended to be on my phone. I was too embarrassed to have him engage with me further for the mere fact that I looked like a slob that day! Haha. A few weeks later he messaged me on Facebook – “Hey I saw you the other day on campus. How are you? I haven’t seen you since high school”. I message him back but continued to pretend that I didn’t see him that day. We continued to keep in touch via text and pretty soon we were hanging out regularly. A few months into dating I fessed up that I did see him that day on campus and six months from now we will be Mr. and Mrs.

how they asked

Early in our relationship, Dan and I learned that seven was both of our favorite/lucky numbers. Little did I know, Dan had planned to propose on 7/7/17. That summer we had a family trip set for Sun Valley. This was the first time his family and my family were taking a trip together, which we were all excited about, and of course they were all in on the proposal secret. That Friday (7/7/17) we drove to Redfish Lake (about 1.5 hours from Sun Valley) to do some boating, hiking and exploring for the day. After boating for a few hours we docked at the back of the lake to go explore in the Sawtooth National Forest.

Cara Van's Proposal in Redfish Lake, Idaho (Sawtooth National Forest)

We followed a trail that ended at a scene of rushing whitewater through the rocks and pine trees in the mountains. The snowfall that winter was record-setting so the runoff was spectacular that year. I was first in line and hopped up on a large rock to get a view of the rushing water and scenery. All along Dan was scheming to hop up on the rock behind me and get down on one knee.

Right as I turned around he dropped down and popped the question. Our family cheered and popped confetti in the background. To this day we joke that he gave me a rock on a rock. It was so special and a day I will never forget! Photos from the proposal were taken by our family. I included a few of our engagement photos–taken by a professional.

Proposal Ideas Redfish Lake, Idaho (Sawtooth National Forest)

Special Thanks

Haley Garces
 | Photographer