Cara and Cody

Where to Propose in The Statler Rooftop in Dallas, TX

How We Met

Cody and I met in college at Tarleton State University, when I was a sophomore and he was a freshman. For two whole years, we were friends that saw each other here and there, whether it was a sorority/fraternity event, a night out or a typical day on campus. Before my senior year, I had told one of my best friends that I had a gut feeling I’d find “the one” before I graduated. Fast forward to my senior year in September, my sorority was hosting a philanthropy event and Cody had fortunately attended. During the chaos, I noticed him looking at me in a daze while I was playing corn hole and I will never forget that moment. After the event was over, we took a picture that looked like we had already been dating forever. Seriously, my arms were wrapped all the way around his waist and we both look so comfortable together. Once he posted the photo on Twitter, one of our friends commented “Y’all should date!” and at the time, it was the strangest thing for me to even consider. Some of my friends were even pressuring me to ask him to our formal. When I went home that night, something suddenly came over me that maybe this would be worth a shot. We hung out the next night and the rest is history. Two friends turned into a relationship I’ve never once doubted. After over three years of dating, a lot of changes, and experiencing new things, he finally asked me to be his forever!

How They Asked

We’ve recently moved to Austin, Texas where I work as an Account Strategist for The Knot, and Cody is in his second semester at the University of Texas Law School. On Valentines morning, Cody and I exchanged gifts as soon as we woke up. He told me that he had gotten us a hotel room in downtown Dallas for a “staycation.” Of course the thought of him proposing flashed across my mind, as it did every single day for the past three years of dating. We had always been very open about marriage one day. I just knew in my heart this man was the one. However, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything happening until the end of the year, so I let that thought roll. On March 2nd, we checked into the Warwick Melrose, a beautiful and historic hotel in Dallas’s Oak Lawn neighborhood. As far as the night’s plans go, we had discussed going to Waterproof, the rooftop bar at The Statler hotel to grab a cocktail before we went to dinner. This is where we went the night before we moved to Austin, so we thought it would be fun and meaningful to go back.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Statler Rooftop in Dallas, TX

The weather wasn’t ideal for a rooftop bar, because it was misty and chilly outside, but Cody told me that we should still go because there’s a bar inside with a great view of the Dallas skyline. I’m so glad I didn’t want to change plans because little did I know he was planning on proposing! Cody had just accepted a job at a big law firm in Dallas, so when we got to the top he said he wanted to go outside and “show me the building he’d be working in this summer.” There wasn’t one person outside, and it was so beautiful. As I was trying to find the building he was describing through the glass, I felt him poke my lower back and saying “hey babe, hey babe” and apparently it took me a few seconds to turn around. When I finally turned around, I saw him on one knee with a beautiful ring propped up in a little black box.

Cara and Cody's Engagement in The Statler Rooftop in Dallas, TX

The moment was a blur, and all I remember hearing was “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.” Apparently, I kept saying “oh my gosh, are we engaged?!” and the photographer told me I needed to say YES first! At this point, I was in a daze and shaking. The whole entire moment felt like a dream and I was completely in awe.

Proposal Ideas The Statler Rooftop in Dallas, TX

Cara's Proposal in The Statler Rooftop in Dallas, TX

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Statler Rooftop in Dallas, TX

The photographer was able to capture all of my reactions, and most of them were in serious shock because I couldn’t believe he had finally asked me! In the middle of taking pictures, I said that I needed to call my mom, and Cody told me that both of our parents, my brother, and sister-in-law, and all of my best friends were waiting for us at The Woolworth restaurant down the street. The night was hands down the best night I’ve ever had in every possible way. We were surrounded with love, joy, support, and excitement. I’m still in shock that I get to marry the man of my dreams!

Special Thanks

Hannah Trotter
 | Photographer