Cara and Christian

How We Met

I met Christian the summer after 7th grade (summer of 2010). His family had just moved to Panama city, FL because his dad was the new pastor at my church. He claims he immediately liked me as soon as he got here, but we didn’t get to talk too much. We went to different middle schools our 8th grade year, but we attended many of the same youth retreats. We became really close one year at Lifeway’s Centrifuge camp. This has many churches at one time, and the staffers split everyone up in bible study groups, so you are separated from your church, to met other people. I was nervous, because this was my first time at camp for a whole week and I didn’t want to get put in a group alone. We found out our groups the first night and me and Christian were both placed on the same team… The Maniacs.

Image 1 of Cara and Christian

And boy was I relieved! I said, “I know we don’t know each other that well, but I’m sticking with you the whole week.” So throughout the week we hung out together, because we didn’t know anyone else. we laughed and joked and became really good friends. At the end of the week there’s this huge relay you do with your team called “MEGA RELAY” (yes it is as cool as it sounds). This picture was taken right before we played mega with our team. The theme was blackout, so us maniacs had to get a cool picture. After camp we talked a lot, and started high school together at the same school. He asked me to be his girlfriend outside our 9th grade geometry class on October 17. And of course I said yes! and his response was “sweet!” and what a sweet 5 1/2 years we’ve had together.

how they asked

It was a Sunday evening and i thought we were going out with his family to celebrate a belated fathers day. We decided to walk around Rosemary Beach, FL before our reservation. It was POURING… his family kept wanting to go to the large grass field by the beach and take pictures… and I’m thinking “Why would we take pictures in the pouring down rain?” but after them begging me to take pictures, I finally just said “Fine!”

Image 2 of Cara and Christian

So I take pictures with his family, and then me and christian take a picture, and he throws the umbrella off and I scream because its pouring, but then he gets on one knee and says the words I’ve been so excited to hear… “Cara, will you marry me?” My family was hiding out in a condo, right by the grass field and got to see the entire thing.

Image 3 of Cara and Christian

I always knew christian was the one, and I always knew he was the man of my dreams!

Image 4 of Cara and Christian