Cara and Chris

how we met

I met Chris at a friends Christmas party when we were in the 11th grade. I was 16 and he was 17. We did not actually start to date until our Senior year of high school a week after my 18th birthday. He asked me out in a Quick Check (which is a gas station on Long Island) parking lot.

how they asked

He proposed in Providence Rhode Island. We were there for work, (we both work for a college called Word of Life Bible Institute ) and we were there for an event that was going on. We left to go on Friday but the night before Kortni (our friend and photographer who captured the whole proposal) texted me and asked if me and Chris on Saturday morning would be willing to be models for her. I said sure and never thought much about it. On Saturday morning November 23rd she took us to this bridge and we started to take cute photos. I had no idea that anything was going to happen at all until… she had us run toward her and in her words “act silly and dumb” and after we ran Chris spun me around so I was facing him. He started out by saying ” I have to do one more thing” Now to be honest I thought he was joking so I started to be like stop thats not funny. But sure enough it was really happening. He got down on one knee and asked me “Cara will you spend the rest of your life with me” I proceeded to cry and freak out a little and eventually got the word YES! out haha. I automatically took the ring out of the box and put it on my finger haha I was took excited and forgot that the guy usually puts it on for you. I was beyond surprised. He also got me roses and put pictures of us all over a board and had it set up on the bridge for me to see. I thought he was going to propose in March and this was way earlier than March so I was extremely surprised! … He said that he had been planning this for awhile and he told a bunch of people.

Special Thanks

Kortni Maria, LLC
 | Photography