Cara and Chase

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How We Met

Chase and I met at a New Year’s Eve party in San Diego hosted by mutual friends. I noticed him when he walked in but didn’t think much of it at the time. Once we were introduced, we bonded over the fact that both of us were studying at colleges in Ohio. The night went on and we continued to talk… he even ended up being my new year’s kiss! After the party, we sat on a bench near the beach where we talked for hours and asked each other all sorts of questions. I was so comfortable with him and felt like I had known him for much longer than 6 hours. Once I was back home, I texted my friends saying that I was pretty sure I met my future husband but I would have to reassess as time went on. Turns out I was right! I never looked back.

how they asked

I had mentioned to Chase that I wanted to go hiking at Torrey Pines (one of our first dates!) at some point when I was in San Diego during my spring break. My sister Lilli had brought up the idea of taking pictures there, nothing out of the ordinary as she is a photographer and we both love a good photo shoot. I suggested we bring Chase along to take some sister pictures of the two of us. Apparently this was all part of the plan before I even brought it up but it certainly felt like it was all my idea. I was completely oblivious!

We started working our way down the path with the end goal of getting some shots on the side of the cliff overlooking the water. Once we made it there, Lilli suggested taking a few pictures of just Chase and me. Standing on the edge of the cliff, Chase hugged me, began saying sweet things, and my heart immediately started pounding. He turned me around, pulled a ring out of his pocket, and got down on one knee asking me to marry him.

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I know there were other words involved but I was so happy and excited that I can barely remember them. After, the entire rest of the day was spent celebrating with family and close friends. It truly felt like a dream!

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