Cara and Brennan

How We Met

we have been together since we were 14. we grew up in elementary school together as best friends. in junior high, he started having a crush on me. he was too scared to say something because we were so young, so he got a mutual friend to come to tell me at a home football game. he asked me to be his girlfriend on Nov 21, 2012, and we have been together ever since! we have been through it all together: driving each other for the first time at 16, lottery tickets at 18, and our first legal drinks at 21, high school prom, graduation, moving to college, college formals and everything in between!

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How They Asked

My fiancé teamed up with a photographer and they staged a giveaway back in January. We just happened to win the giveaway for a free photoshoot. months later when the day came, he led me to a spot on our friends land that had twinkling lights with all of our throwback pictures hanging with them, rose pedals all on the ground, the quote “Love Never Fails” and a bible with my soon to be the married name on the cover. he had a videographer hiding in the bushes to video and our song playing in the background. we have been dating since we were 14 years old and he went above and beyond himself to make sure this was a day we would never forget! it happened on March 20, 2020!

Cara and Brennan's Engagement in Conway, AR

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Special Thanks

Melly M Jones
 | Photographer
Nick Wenger
 | Videographer