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How We Met

Dan and I met when I was just 18 years old through my friend Jenn, we were friends for a while before losing touch as our lives went in different directions. Several years later in my early to mid 20’s I was hanging out with Jenn who randomly announced “You”ll never guess who I heard from the other day!” Dan had tracked her down on Facebook one day, we found out he was living just a few miles from me and decided to go say hi. I was seeing someone at the time and didn’t think much about it, just catching up with an old friend. After that day we spent a few months hanging out as friends, things started to go south in my current relationship and eventually ended. Shortly after that Dan and I started spending more and more time together, eventually, we were “dating” though no official “we are boyfriend and girlfriend” moment ever happened. Which is largely why we don’t have an official anniversary date, we figured it was sometime in August and just sort of picked a date (August 15th!). Eventually, I moved in with him and Bo.

There was one unfortunate year that we did not spend together, due to some personal problems in my life – but he remained a constant. I just couldn’t NOT be around him! He made me feel so comfortable and never failed to make me laugh. After this brief hiatus, I realized I didn’t want to NOT be with him, and we got back together! We have since been together now for several years, through lots of love, laughs, sadness, trying times, heartbreaks, losses, and friends. We have traveled, adopted a dog, moved into a new apartment together, and are now going to be married!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

How They Asked

In November 2017 our good friend David suggested a group trip to Disneyland. You all know my love and devotion to Disney so any chance to go is a YES from me! We planned it out and stuck to our guns, in one year us and 5 others would go to the happiest place on earth! We started saving our pennies but at the end of summer, my job was terminated suddenly when the building was demolished by an asleep at the wheel semi-truck driver. But Dan pulled it all together to make sure we could go! Now a few of our friends had never been to Disneyland before and on our third or fourth day, really wanted to go see some princess’. I told them I was fine not going and would probably get lunch or go enjoy some of the rides, but they insisted I go with because they wanted to see my reaction to my favorite princess Ariel.

I mean, she’s AMAZING! And she’s not just ONE kind of princess but TWO – on land and sea! I told her how much I loved her and she asked what we were doing in town before I could answer I heard Dan speak up from behind me saying “actually. I can answer that…” I hadn’t even noticed he wasn’t with the rest of the group! I turned around to see him down on his knee, with a beautiful ring in his hand.

I don’t even remember if I said anything because all I could do was cry. It was at that moment he asked me to marry him, I sobbingly said yes and he put a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring on my hand. In my excitement, I instinctively ran back over to Ariel to show her how pretty it was! At that moment, Cinderella and Snow came around the corner with tears in their eyes.

They had been waiting on the other side for JUST the right moment to come out! As it were, Dan had coordinated this entire thing with Disney, the Royal Hall cast members AND all three princesses to make this dream proposal come true! I think at one point I even scolded the princesses for being in on it and not telling me, and Dan for making me ugly cry in front of my favorite mermaid. It was MAGICAL!

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