Capri and Nathan

Image 1 of Capri and NathanHow we met: I met Nathan my Sophomore year of college. I was at my friends dorm getting ready for a night out and he showed up with his friends. I already knew who he was since he was considered the “hot RA” at our school. I couldn’t stand him at first and ended up not taking too fondly of him that night, although we had a good connection. The next morning I woke up and realized I needed to give him a chance to see what kind of person he was. From that day after, we talked non-stop everyday and spent almost every day together. Before I knew it I had fallen in love with him.

how they asked: We went to Wilmington, NC for Valentines day/our anniversary weekend. On Valentines day morning, we went to Airlie Gardens. It was so beautiful. Every time we would stop at a “romantic spot”, Nathan would hold me close and start to tell me how perfect I was. He’s always romantic and telling me how he feels so I didn’t think anything of it. While we were there he kept bringing up weddings and I still was completely oblivious. After the gardens, we headed over to Wrighstville beach. We both love the beach and the south and I think it defines what we love perfectly. We were walking the beach collecting shells and looking at the water. While we were standing together he pulled me in for a hug and took my sunglasses off of my face because he wanted to see my “beautiful” eyes. He then started talking about how he felt about me. He said “I love you so much, and you’re so perfect. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love our life together and I want to continue it with you” right after that he got down on one knee and pulled the ring box out of his jacket pocket that he had on him the whole day! When he asked me to marry him I couldn’t stop smiling. I was never so happy in my life!! Right after he took me to a romantic lunch on the water and took me to all of the One Tree Hill filming locations, since it is my favorite show. I couldn’t have asked for a better day or a better proposal that fit our spontaneous love story.

Image 2 of Capri and Nathan

Image 3 of Capri and Nathan