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How We Met

A “Cinderella” Story…literally! When I was 15 years old, I joined a charity debutante ball in my hometown called “The Cinderella Ball.” In order to participate in the ball, each candidate needed a gentleman on their arm, only, I was still without an escort just days before the deadline. In a panic, my mom phoned a family friend who said she knew just the guy! His name was Tate. :) This sweet boy agreed to a blind date to a debutante ball on the same weekend as a high school baseball tournament that was 5 hours away. Unsure of whether he would make it in time, I kept my fingers crossed and prayers rolling. It worked! A dust storm rolled through and caused the games to delay! I walked into rehearsal the morning of the ball, and to my relief, in walked my future husband who had flown in from the tournament to make it to our debutante ball blind date. Who knew that wouldn’t be the only white dress in our future! ;)

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how they asked

One night at a Dallas Stars hockey game, Tate and I joked about spending a summer in Europe while we figured out our next steps in life. Before we knew it, we were planning the trip! We alternated planning surprise date nights throughout the trip, so, on June 17th, I put on my fancy dress and walked downstairs to meet him in the lobby of our Florence, Italy hotel. When I got downstairs, my sweet date was missing! A few minutes later, a driver pulled up to the hotel and explained how a charming young man had sent him my way. In the seat next to me was a rose with a bible verse tied around it that we had studied together that week.

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The verse read, “My beloved spoke and said to me, ‘Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me.” Next to the rose was a pair of earrings from my mom. 20 minutes later, I pulled up to the Villa Cora estate overlooking all of Florence. From my window, I saw the boy of my dreams waiting for me at the top of a candlelit staircase.

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Suddenly, the door of the car opened, and I saw Tate’s father standing there waiting for me. With a racing heart, he presented me with another verse-wrapped rose and asked if he could escort me to his son.

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Walking through a trail of candles while a harpist played “A Thousand Years,” I made my way up to Tate who handed me one final verse-wrapped rose, got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife!

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He gently opened the ring box, which was stitched with the Italian words “Sono Sicuro” meaning “I’m sure.” Just as he slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger, I saw a familiar face with tears in his eyes and a tray of champagne in his hands: my dad! Seconds later, our precious moms rounded the corner holding hands and grinning ear to ear (They were hiding in the bushes!)

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Finally, Tate handed me a ceramic tile that he had painted with a box to check yes or no! This was the same tile that he gave me 6 years ago when he asked me to be his girlfriend my Sophomore year of high school. Only this time, I checked yes in permanent marker.

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