Candra and Zach

How We Met

A love as “rare” as ours could only have begun at a Steakhouse. My family had just moved into the area, and it just so happened that my mom and his had been long time acquaintances. I doubt either Zach or myself would have guessed that a chance encounter at a restaurant after church would result in a close friendship, much less something more. Little did I know that day I had just met the person that would become my best friend and future husband. I guess that just goes to show you never know what tiny thing might change your life forever.

How They Asked

Our families are very important to us both so it was only fitting they were a part of our proposal. Zach told me we were going out the weekend we got engaged and clued me in on his wardrobe (something he always does before dates so that his outfit choice can inform my own) but wouldn’t tell me where. I just knew that we wouldn’t be getting engaged that night because my best friend was busy working with her family’s event center in Indianapolis all weekend. Her being present for that moment had always been part of his plan. Zach arrived to pick me up with Starbucks drinks in tow and then drove me promptly to… a Starbucks. Presumably we needed to get more drinks? How much coffee does one need? This was my first inkling something was up. After some more hedging and beating around the bush (as well as driving around the neighborhood) we arrived at Forest Park, the sight of our very first kiss. As we pulled up next to the beautiful fountains at the bottom of Art Hill, our friend Jared showed up to park the vehicle. Unbeknownst to me, Jared had arrived earlier to greet those closest to our hearts and to give each of them a gift and a handwritten letter from Zach, thanking them for the role they played in our relationship. As I exited the vehicle and took Zach’s hand, I noticed the smiling faces of my parents waiting on the pathway close to the water, right behind them, in an alcove visible in the distance, stood my best friend Kait. She was NOT helping host a wedding at an event center, she was very much present. That was when I knew what was happening. Zach and I walked the pathway, making stops next to each friend and loved one. First, my parents presented a letter to me, letting me in on all the reasons they “say yes.” Then came Kait. Next, my sister and closest friend since childhood, then finally his parents. They all presented their hand written reasons why they said yes, and then Zach led me into a large alcove where he had planned an elaborate speech which was to culminate in the fact he hoped I would say yes too. He really did try to express all that was in his heart, to say all of the words he had planned, but he was crying too hard to get it all out. He finally reached into the picnic basket we had carried with us on our first date, knelt down on one knee, and presented me with the most beautiful engagement ring. I said “yes!”. It was a moment we’ll remember forever, and not just because Brianna and Justin captured it so expertly and beautifully.

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