Candita and Fred

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How We Met

I had recently just went through a divorce and a couple of friends of mine dared me to try the online dating and I was not into that at all because I had heard some horror stories about it. I started asking around to see what kind of opinions I would get and to my surprise I got several good ones with happy endings so I tried it and after a few not so good stories Of my own I was done. They were dishonest, to pushy, to scary, and after the wrong things. So, as I was deleting my profiles I got a message from one guy who I had interest in, but didn’t pursue it cause I was over the whole Internet dating. Something kept telling me to read the msg so I eventually ended up reading it and it was a simple And kind msg. After a couple of days I agreed to go to dinner with him and I can remember thinking how excited and nervous I was, but at the same time I couldn’t wait to get it over with and just get back to Not dating. I got to the restaurant and met him and my nerves calmed down immediately! The first thing he said to me was “WOW”. He was a complete gentleman. We talked for hours like we had known each other our entire lives and at the end of the date I felt that it was to good to be true and that I didn’t deserve a man like him and I would probably never see or speak to him again, but little did I know we would become inseparable and 2 1/2 years later be getting married.

how they asked

It was Christmas day and we were getting ready for family to come over and Fred was in the the other room wrapping presents and I heard him say ” I shouldn’t do this, it’s kind of cruel cause there not getting this” I chuckled and went on about my business and didn’t give a second thought to what he just said. Later that evening all the gifts are under the tree and there is a 3′ long box with 5 boxes on top of it going from large (6″×6″) to a (2″×2″) and I’m thinking that interesting. While I watch everyone else open there gifts and not mine (which I do every year) my son keeps telling me, Mom open your gifts! I told him I will later, but he was very persistent and ended up scooting this Box with all the little ones on it over to me, so I opened the first one and it was a ring pop! And I laughed as I shot Fred a dirty look.

So I opened the second one and the same thing, a ring pop and then I remembered what he had said earlier about the cruel joke and knowing he’s scared of commitment I looked at everybody’s confused faces and I told them, no he’s not proposing he’s being a jerky and it’s not funny, so on the 4th box it was empty and he was like oops forgot that one, but there should be a blue pop in the last one. By this time I don’t even want to open it cause I’m by far over the “not so funny cruel joke” and my son is like, come on mom open it! So I open the last smallest box and there it is the actual ring! I froze and looked at him then the ring, then him and then the tears came of course. He got me good!

And we’re getting married this August 20th on my dad’s birthday which is sentimental to me since we lost him 4 years ago to cancer and now we can once again celebrate that day instead of mourn it. My son and mother knew what was happening, but no one else did so they were just as surprised as I was and Fred had asked my son (12) for permission first before proposing which meant a lot to me.