Candis and Stephen

How We Met

Stephen and i met in 2013 on a dating website and became friends on Facebook not to long after that. We would say hey to each other every now and then and check up on each other just to see how we each were doing. We were both dealing with other relationships at the time and really just kept it friendly. Fast forward to the winter of 2014, we started to chat a little more and then one night we just decided to meet up at TGIF for an “unofficial” first date. We talked all night long so long in fact that we lost track of time and i must say that time really didn’t matter that much to me that night. I had a great time and after that day Stephen and i texted all the time and hung out with each other any chance we got.

Candis and Stephen's Engagement in Havre de Grace, Md

how they asked

Stephen and i celebrate our dating anniversary every year on February 13th, this year we planned on doing a fun 2 year dating anniversary photo shoot with one of my best friends and now everything! photographer. We set a date for February 11th for our photo shoot and and our photographer Nicole and i ironed out all of the plans for our shoot, color scheme, outfits, locations everything. Well the night before our shoot Stephen and i decided to celebrate valentines day and or anniversary early because we knew that it was going to be busy that weekend anyway. Stephen and i went to a movie, had dinner and then when we got back home he suggested that we go on a walk with our awesome pup Ghost ( yes, he is a white Shepard and he is named after Ghost on GOT :)) Anyway we went for walk down to our local boardwalk near the light house, started to walk on the boardwalk and then Stephen told me he was cold and so he wanted to sit down for a minute and warm up. As we are sitting on the bench Stephen then gets up and starts telling me how happy he is that we are together and how happy he was with me. He then asked our Ghost how much he loved me (mommy) and asked him how awesome i was <3 at that moment i started to cry and Stephen got down on one knee and asked me to MARRY HIM! Of course i said yes and just typing this brings back that moment like it was yesterday! I am so excited to become his wife and can not wait to Marry my best friend!

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