Candis and Alex

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How We Met

Alex and I met at a mutual friends birthday party. Honestly, when he first pulled up to the party I thought him and his brother were obnoxious. However, as the night went on we ended up chatting and hitting it off. We went our separate ways that night without exchanging anything other than our first names. Fast forward a few weeks and Alex was able to find me via Facebook. We reconnected and quickly began dating. A short two months into our “official” relationship, my family suffered the sudden loss of my father on Thanksgiving Eve. It was world shattering and quite frankly, I was expecting Alex to hightail it. However, he surprised me and did not hesitate to become not only my rock but the rock of my mother and two sisters. He became such an instrumental part of our family’s mourning process that I’m not sure where we would be if he had hightailed it during that fateful time.

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how they asked

We had a vacation planned for April of 2018 and according to Alex, he was originally going to put off proposing until after we returned from the trip (he was nervous about getting stopped by TSA and them giving him up if they needed to search his belonging and found the ring). However, the anticipation of proposing grew to be too much for Alex and he decided to do it the weekend before we left for vacation. Because of our upcoming travel plans, I had told Alex I wanted to visit my father’s grave before we left and asked if he wanted to tag along (it is not uncommon for Alex to join me every now and then). Little did I know I was actually providing him the perfect opportunity to propose to me! He enlisted my older sister to assist and the two of them planned the entire thing out. My older sister was there to snap pictures and a video.

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