Candice and Troy

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How We Met

It’s a bit of a long story actually. I was talking to my sister one day and asked if she knew any good looking guys from University, she said there was one guy but that he had a girlfriend and didn’t really live the lifestyle of a potential partner. A few days later I saw him at the shops and decided then that I would marry him (mind you I’d never spoken to him). Later that month my sister had a housewarming party where we both met and I made a complete idiot of myself. But lucky enough for me he started coming to my church. That’s when I really knew he was the one I wanted to marry. Fast forward a year and we still haven’t spoken (even though all of my friends and family know exactly who Troy Graham is and that we are going to get married), and my super sister organizes us to be in the same car for a camping trip we were all going on. That sparked our first conversation and it never stopped.

how they asked

Well if it’s not obvious enough by now I have known I wanted to marry Troy for some time so I would always bring it up in conversation or push him to tell me when he would finally ask. One week in particular (the week of the engagement) I was getting really upset and snarky with him because I didn’t think he was ever going to ask me. When I pushed him about it he said in July he would by a ring and maybe propose around November. So I was pretty frustrated but had accepted my reality. On Saturday night he told me we were going out to dinner with some photographer friends of ours, which for any normal girl is a sure sign but I was convinced it was not happening so to me it meant nothing. I put on my daggiest outfit and did my makeup in a rush because I knew it was just a nice dinner nothing more. When he came to pick me up he asked if I could please get dressed because all things going well Phoebe might have her camera in the car and we can get some nice couple photos.

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During dinner, Phoebe and Devon (our photographers) brought up going and taking some photos of the new river bank. I asked if they would be ok to take some photos of me and Troy too (which they happily agreed to as that was the plan). So after dinner, we went down to the river and Troy wouldn’t let me hug him or get close to him which was a little weird but still, nothing screamed engagement to me yet. Me and Devon got heaps and heaps of photos until they had the setting just right when conveniently Troy asked if he could tag out with Devon. During our photos, he got to his knee and asked me to marry him. I thought it was a joke and was in complete shock for at least the next half an hour. After he proposed he took me back to where we first told each other we loved one another and he said that tonight was a confirmation of his love for me and that it would never go away.

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Special Thanks

Phoebe Price
 | Photographer
Devon Holloway
 | Helped be the decoy