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How We Met: Scott and I met on the first day of classes our freshman year at Radford University. As I struggled to navigate my way to my first class, Scott must have seen my panic and offered to walk with me to show me the way; little did I know that he had no idea where he was going either. It wasn’t until a year later that our paths crossed again when his fraternity and my sorority held a joint event, as soon as we reconnected things clicked instantly, and shortly after we began dating.

Four years later, after graduation, Scott and I moved into an apartment together in Reston, VA where we both work. Over time our little family has expanded with two dogs, yellow and black Labrador Retrievers, Remington and Pyper who love swimming and boating as much as their parents.

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how they asked: Saturday, February 22, 2014 – The Day my Life Changed Forever…

It was a typical Saturday for my now fiancé, Scott, and I. It was a gorgeous day which was I nice change from the harsh winter we had, so we decided to make the most of it and take our two dogs, a yellow lab named Remington and a black lab named Pyper, down to Fairfax Lake Park in Reston, VA. The park sits on a beautiful lake, with a long pier overlooking the lake.

Unbeknownst to me, Scott had purchased an engagement ring three months prior, using excuses of “working late” and “happy hours” to keep me off his trail as he searched for the perfect ring.

Without even knowing it I fed him the perfect script. In the car on the way to the park, Scott began to panic and searching his pockets for his wallets. Lucky for him I saw it on the table before we left our apartment and knowing he was going to forget it, I put his wallet in my purse. As I handed his wallet I asked him, “What would you do without me?” Once we got to the park we started walking over to the pier with our dogs in tow. As we walked I started complaining about getting mud on my boots, oblivious to what was going on. Apparently I walked right past our friend Ron, who was there to secretly photograph the proposal, brushing shoulders with him as we passed and I didn’t even notice…. I was too preoccupied with the mud on my boots.

As we started walking across the pier Scott turns to me and says, “Remember how you asked me earlier what I would do without you?” Then, he got down on one knee, and pulled out the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen, and said, “Will you marry me?” I have never been more shocked in my life! The moment was so surreal. More words were exchanged between Scott and I but to be honest, it’s a blur other than the important question and answering him. “Yes!”

It was a dream proposal because it was so true to who we are as a couple. A fancy restaurant, a huge public display… sounds ideal to most, but we found a much more romantic setting at the lake with our dogs.

The next day my family drove up from Southern Virginia to surprise us for a dinner Scott’s parents hosted in honor of our engagement. At dinner we exchanged stories about the proposal and all that led up to the amazing day… I found out that the weekend before he proposed, Scott drove all the way down to my parents’ hometown to ask my father for my hand in marriage, and drove back up to Northern Virginia the same day so I wouldn’t be suspicious. A perfect proposal and a perfect celebration with the ones we love. He knows me too well.

I am now engaged to the best man I’ve ever met in my whole life – my best friend Scott Powers.

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