Candice and Cory's Hawaiian Beach Proposal

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How We Met

I met Candice when I was only twenty one, she was nineteen. I had been dancing, two stepping, with her friend when I caught a glimpse of Candice. I made sure the next dance was hers, and we’ve been dancing ever since. After four years of love and laughter I knew. I knew for years she was the one but on a recent trip to Maui, I decided this was the time.

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how they asked

Candice and I share a love for the beach, sun, and ocean. It was only fitting that I find one of the most beautiful beaches on earth to propose to her on. My older brother currently lives in Maui, Hi which served as the ideal location. After our first trip to Maui, several months before, I knew I would bring her back to propose. On our most recent trip back to the island, we were accompanied by her younger sister, which helped me decide to make proposal plans that included both her sister and my brother. I was thrilled to be able to share the moment with the two people who we each share our closet bond with. The day of the proposal was our dream vacation day. My brother and I both were able to spend the morning surfing, a passion for both of us, while Candice and her sister were happy enjoying each others company on the beach. Lunch time rolls around and we are able to set up a picnic on the beach and enjoy fresh poke’, Candice’s favorite beach snack.

We then went to explore a few spots on the island and eventually made plans to watch the sunset at a beach near my brothers place and grab sushi for dinner, once again one of her favorites. We headed back to my brother’s to get cleaned up for dinner. Candice immediately grabbed something to wear and I abruptly declined. She had tried on an outfit prior to packing for the trip, she looked absolutely beautiful and I knew she had to wear it for this occasion. As she was going through her bags to find something to wear, I remembered the one I had seen. I was able to persuade her into wearing it, after multiple other options where asked about, without blowing my cover. Candice was taking forever to get ready, so we were hounding her about missing the sunset. After racing to the spot, we made it to Ironwoods Beach, the first beach we had ever been to on Maui. Once we got to our destination, Candice was so happy she ran towards the beach with the sun slightly making it’s way down over the neighboring island Lanai.

The sky began to light up just as I had imagined. After snapping a few photos with her sister, I politely asked my turn to step in. I grabbed Candice by the hand, told her how much I loved her, dropped to a knee and asked her to marry me.

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As I slipped the ring on her finger, tears began to flow as we embraced in each others arms. The moment was captured thanks to my brother and future sister in law. We followed the proposal with an elegant dinner as a group, toasted to the night and enjoyed the best sushi on the island.

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Special Thanks

Eric Frankum
 | Cory's Brother