Candice and Mike

how they asked

We were hiking up to Avalanche Peak in Yellowstone National Park. 2100ft elevation gain with the peak at about 10,200ft. I turned into a little kid because I got to see snow for the first time!!

Where to Propose in Yellowstone National Park-Avalanche Peak

The trail was pretty steep and on the way up, we got hailed on, it started to thunder so we talked about headed back down. Mind you, we were just about half way there. But the weather quickly cleared and we have never seen the sky so clear. We reached a halfway point where the trail evened out(thank god) and it came to a small valley where we saw a deer and could see the peak. Such crisp clean air.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Yellowstone National Park-Avalanche Peak

The view of the massive snow-capped mountains in the background mixed with the vivid green of the surrounding trees was indescribable. Something you see in magazines or postcards but never dream of seeing in person. We decided to take a short break and take a few pictures. But what completely caught me off guard was when Mike dropped to one knee with a ring in his hand. I couldn’t breathe nor could think or speak straight! All I could do was sob like a baby and say YES!

Candice and Mike's Engagement in Yellowstone National Park-Avalanche Peak

The view, the place, the timing and the person, everything was perfect!