Candice and Anthony

How We Met

I live in Calgary AB and was attending an Alliance Church in the city up until the age of 18 with my best friend and her family. My best friend’s father was the music pastor at the church so we were actively involved until one day he was transferred to good-ol Airdie. We were not the happiest of campers as that meant we had a 30 minute drive to and from church on a Sunday morning. But we went and we loved the little quaint town (Anthony will argue its a city) of Airdrie. The church community was so supporting and I really felt at home in our new church quite quickly! My best friend also seemed to find a guy quite quickly! His name is Walter and they started dating about a month after we had switched churches. Walter has a brother and sister who are twins so the 5 of us would hang out often together. I should probably back up a little bit and explain that this church had no young adults.It ranges from 4 year olds running around to 40 year olds running around (or walking most likely). There was this huge age gap. So we were quick to get connected with these 3 as we had a lot in common compared to other members of the church. I just remember Sunday after Sunday hanging out in a group and thinking it was somewhat awkward with Walter’s brother. It was like everyone was wondering why we hadn’t started dating yet, because it just made sense right? Best friends dating brothers, how cool! But unfortunately I didn’t quite see it like this as I was pre-occupied with schooling and my plan was to leave shortly for Peru on a missions trip for over a month, so what was the point?
However, with Anthony being the most genuine, kind hearted, loving guy, I quickly fell hard for him and there was no turning back. I remember the day he told me he loved me, I was so shocked as he had always said “love is a strong word, it shouldn’t be thrown around”. The day he told me, I knew he was not just throwing it around, but the funny thing was I said “Anthony! You haven’t even asked me to be your girlfriend yet! You are skipping steps here!” so that is the joke that we fell so hard we skipped a couple steps in between. Kinda like falling up the stairs, where you miss one step and you come down falling so hard. From there on, the rest is history. I went to Peru and we did long distance until I came back and it seemed like nothing had changed but my knowledge of Spanish (he speaks Spanish fluently, hot right?!) so he would make fun of my poor accent constantly. From there we literally had a notebook relationship for the next 3 years.

how they asked

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As Christians, marriage was a subject that came up often even though we were young. We both felt as though we knew each other was “the one” and it was just waiting for the right timing between my nursing education and his electrical education. We didnt want to make a foolish mistake and get married and take on more than we could handle when we were both still students. So when people ask me, did you know?! Well I didnt know the day, the year, the time when he would propose, but we had talked about the idea many times. It was more of me talking, and him head nodding. So the day he did ask me I was so surprised as I felt as though he was thinking further in the future. This is how the magical day went down:

We had plans to go to Anthony’e best friends wife’s parents house in Red Deer. Did you catch that? If not, we can refer to it as Sam’s House. They have a beautiful place on an acreage in between Sylvan Lake and Red Deer. Our plan was the day was simple- skate, eat, play games, and enjoy each other’s company. Sam has a small creek on her acreage that they freeze in the winter to skate on. Anthony is NOT a skater. I mean, he isn’t bad but I really don’t think he enjoys it. I used to figure skate back in the day and skating feels like the most amazing thing to me and I would do anything to live on the ice 24/7! So Sam said, okay lets go skate before the sun goes down. So out we went and we were having a grand old time and then Anthony says “I am getting pretty cold, can we go inside soon?” So we all agree that its getting chilly but Sam says “Before we go in, lets get some couple pictures”. I forgot to mention that Walter was also there with his girlfriend, and Bianca (Anthony and Walters sister) was also there. So Walter and his girlfriend went up first and then Ryan and Sam and Anthony and I were last to go take our picture. After we had a numerous amount of pictures taken, Anthony turns to me and grabs both my hands. He says how much he loves me, how happy I make him and how he cant wait to make me his wife. He then gets down on one knee! Yes, in his skates! How impressive! At this moment I was just so stunned, I really did not fully know what was happening. He then asked me to marry him! I was so shocked he actually had to ask me twice! But of course once I found my voice I said “YES YES YES YES!!!” and everyone cheered! In the video, the first thing that I said was “I even painted my nails today!” I mean, that’s important right?!
After all the congratulations and hugs (and telling Bianca and Walter I was so excited to be their sister!) Sam took us around her acreage and gave us a mini engagement photo session. It was literally a perfect proposal on a perfect day!

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