Candice and Alex

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How We Met

She is a flight attendant. We met at work. We were friends for many years before we decided to start dating. She’s my best friend after all. She’s amazing.

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how they asked

After carrying the ring for a few months waiting for the perfect moment, I turned to my original option, her dream, Paris. I took her to Paris on February 2017 just a few weeks ago. I wanted to surprise her and make it memorable and perfect. I hired a French Photographer to do a shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower, its our valentines getaway, she was so exited and we did the shoot. She didn’t think anything awkward about the shoot since we travel all the time and do shoots everywhere we go. We got couple of props, champagne and a rose.

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At the end of the shoot, right in front of the amazing Eiffel Tower, I got on my knees and she was in shock, she asked me if the ring was another prop for the shoot?

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She really could not believe it. I asked her if she would marry me and she said Yes!!! It was the most magical moment of all times in the City of Love, Paris!!! #PARIS #ParisProposal #TourEiffel #EiffelTower #Magical #Willyoumarryme #Shesaidyes #LoveParis2017

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Special Thanks

Jérémie Korenfeld
 | He was the French Photographer. I told him the exact places I wanted to shoot and the place I wanted to propose. He captured every second of her reaction. He was Superb.
Le Walt
 | This amazing hotel in France made out stay super amazing and romantic. With a room with the Eiffel Tower View, champagne and excellent service.
 | Magdalena was the lady that works at Jared and was part of me choosing the perfect ring for my beautiful fiancée. After 3 hours, I found the perfect one.