Candi and Trent

How We Met: We met through Christian Mingle. When we met in person we exchange smiles. It was a special moment. Little did we know, it would mark the beginning of something that would last a lifetime.

how they asked: Candi: In March (2014), I met the most amazing, respectful, handsome, funny, talented, kind-hearted, and caring man that not only loves me, but loves my son as well. We clicked immediately. On Saturday (Sept. 6, 2014), he made me feel like a real-life princess. My day started with balloons attached to my door and a note. It was my first “clue”. I had an all day scavenger hunt finding the other 7 clues, going to special places we’ve had dates, first kiss, first picture, first church service, and some amazing pampering (massage, mani/pedi) at Asha salon in Rockford.

Image 1 of Candi and Trent

After pampering, I was told by the next clue to meet him at a park. When I got to the park, he had a romantic dinner for two set up in a beautiful gazebo with candles, flowers, lights, music, and even a projector and slideshow of pictures of us!!

Image 2 of Candi and Trent

As if I didn’t already feel like I was in a movie, he showered me with compliments and knelt down and asked me to be his wife !!!! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you, Trent Andersen.

Image 3 of Candi and Trent

You are my real-life Prince Charming I love you so much!!! And the icing on the cake- he had fireworks set to go off after he proposed! This guy is unreal. I am so blessed. God is so good.

Image 4 of Candi and Trent

Please read through the notes in the pictures to get a glimpse of just how amazing Trent is ps- I was filmed/photographed all day and didn’t know it !

Image 5 of Candi and Trent

Thanks for all your help to Trent – Kevin Staub, Marisha Staub, Brett Andersen and Carol Andersen, love you guys!

Videography: Kevin Staub

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