Candi and Jake

How We Met: How we met: We met at a wedding in Chicago even though we were both from and lived in Omaha. He was in the wedding. A friend’s boyfriend backed out last minute and since I knew the bride, the bride suggested I take his place so that my friend wouldn’t have to drive the seven hours alone. Fast forward to the reception and I literally ran into him while coming out of the photo booth. We started talking and haven’t looked back since. We will be getting married on the same date we met, five years later, and the groom from that wedding will be the officiant at ours.

how they asked: He surprised me at my grandma’s farm in Iowa on weekend when I was supposed to be there alone. He had custom pet tags for the dogs. One said “Will You Marry Me” the other one said “Just Say Yes.” After getting over the shock of him being there, he told me to look at the dog’s tag.

Image 1 of Candi and Jake

When I read it, I asked him what he was doing. He then started his speech with “You’re my best friend…” That’s all I remember as my mom was screaming so loudly.

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She was just as shocked as I was. He then got on one knee and showed me the beautiful ring. He had to ask twice, but once my shock subsided a bit, I said yes. Luckily my aunt was there to capture the moment.

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