Candace and Tyson

How We Met

Tyson and I actually met online 2.5 years ago after we both moved back to New Hampshire to start fresh. We chatted for weeks on end, spending endless hours on the phone with one another. It was like speaking with an old friend – we just clicked. On one of our long phone conversations, I suggested we should finally meet to hike one of the most frequently climbed mountains, Mount Monadnock. When we stepped out of our cars at the trailhead, time stopped …we were both finally home. Lots of laughs and sweat along the way made for the most perfect day meeting my person.

PS – this photo is actually from the summit of Mt. Monadnock on the day we met!

Proposal Ideas Summit of Gap Mountain, Troy, New Hampshire

How They Asked

Given we met at Mount Monadnock, Tyson knew exactly where to take me to make the moment extra special. The two of us set out for a hike, much like we do during the warmer months in New England, but he was very persistent we hike Mount Monadnock. I will admit, I was very stubborn and wouldn’t agree to it because I was running a half marathon the next morning! However, he was able to quickly improvise and took me to a very small mountain whose summit view was the very place we met – Mount Monadnock.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Summit of Gap Mountain, Troy, New Hampshire

We were the only people hiking that mountain on that perfect September day. As I stood there gazing at the beautiful New Hampshire foliage, I hear Tyson say my name… I turned around and there he was – one knee down on the hard granite with a box in his hand. I hardly remember what he said, but I remember the joy in his eyes and the overwhelming feeling of comfort. I sighed a breath of relief, kissed him, and excitedly answered “yes!” before I even looked at the dainty, nature-inspired ring he picked out for me. It was such a special day, shared solely by the two of us. We loved the intimacy of sharing the special moments with one another that we decided we would get married in a similar fashion. Fast-forward 2 weeks, and we eloped on October 14! We are partners, best friends, dog parents, and oh-so in love.

Special Thanks

Kendal J. Bush
 | Photographer
Jackie Caserta
 | Planning