Candace and Chris' Montana Proposal

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Chris and I had a camping trip planned for this past weekend, actually I should say Chris planned the trip because he really did everything. I just bought the supplies for smores. The second day we had planned to drive the “road to the sun” and do a hike in Logan’s Pass. Of course the weather was anything but cooperative, I’m talking windy, raining and cold. He wanted to do the hike anyway and since we were in the parking lot I figured sure why not.

We started our hike and lucky for him we weren’t the only ones crazy enough to go up the trail in the weather conditions. Little did I know he was scouting out the other hikers as we walked up planning which one he would ask to take our picture at the top. We saw a lady earlier with her head through the armhole of her poncho instead of the head part so ya…. he was keeping an eye out for a “head through the right hole” kind of person.

Once we got to the top before I could even catch my breath he’s like “let’s get a picture!” not wanting to wait long enough for the guy he scouted along the way to leave. Just to give you a visual my hair was a disaster, my nose was runny and since we were camping I had no makeup on annnnnd I’m pretty sure I wasn’t wearing a bra….

He gave the guy his phone and said “can you take a series of pictures?” then I saw him pull out the box and I lost it, like bawling uncontrollably lost it. He says I took forever to respond but really it was like 10 seconds. I just hiked a mountain with out stopping AND I was bawling, I was having some issues putting together a “YES.”

Needless to say that was the best hike of my life.

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