Candace and Charlie

Image 1 of Candace and Charlie

How We Met

Charlie and Candace met on March 4th, 2018 in Goldsboro, North Carolina playing Pokémon Go. We like to credit this happenstance to Craig Jenkins, one of our best friends and all around Cool Guy. While both of us played the augmented reality mobile game since its inception in the Summer of 2016, Charlie had taken a hiatus that was revived with Craig’s encouragement. We cannot thank Craig enough for his role in bringing us together, but we’re hoping that finding him a hot date for our wedding will be a nice start.

How They Asked

As a preface, Candace does not like surprises. She enjoys making plans and surprising others, but dreads relinquishing control. Charlie knows this and has relished withholding proposal details since the pair started discussing the rest of their lives together. Candace was expecting nothing short of a spectacle from Charlie, considering how bold he tends to be. Charlie knew this and decided he wanted to surprise Candace by doing just what she didn’t expect… A low-key, no-fuss proposal at home with her precious fur baby, Briggs.

In the time after officially being “under contract” with the builder of their future first home, Candace and Charlie had periodically gone to check out progress of their house. Due to the threat of COVID-19, Candace and Charlie had only been making outings for work and for the new house. Candace had the idea to forego any kind of celebration or gift giving on May 4th, 2020 (their second year anniversary), after all there wasn’t much to do. After working that day, a Monday, Charlie and Candace went to go look at the progress of the new house with Lauren (Candace’s cousin and roommate). Candace had an inkling there may be some pivotal occurrence that evening, however after taking some pictures of the foundation and the walls they returned home and Candace let down her guard. After settling in at home, Candace started to message her parents about updates for the house. Charlie proceeded to sit next to her, initiate some small talk… then twisted around, got on one knee, shoved an engagement ring in Candace’s face, and scared the living breath out of her.

Charlie and Lauren had apparently schemed this event while keeping Candace completely unaware. Lauren had bought the couple champagne and OJ for mimosas and an assorted cheesecake to celebrate. Candace and Lauren drank mimosas from REAL wine glasses, poured Charlie’s strawberry lemonade Naturday in a glass as well, and called their friends and family to share the good news. Charlie was able to sleep without having to worry about keeping secrets from Candace, and Candace wasn’t able to sleep for a week.