Candace and Carter

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How We Met

Carter and I had been dating for two and a half years. We matched on the dating app, Hinge. Our first date was at an Arizona State basketball game and the rest is history!

How They Asked

Carter and I spontaneously decided to join a group of friends on a trip to Vegas. I originally was not too happy about this trip, as the plan was to bunk up with four other friends in our Aria hotel room. Carter and I had just adopted a puppy two weeks prior and I was also nervous to leave him for the weekend. Little did I know, Carter had planned the biggest surprise of my entire life!

The weekend started as any friends trip to Vegas does. Pool parties, drinking, gambling, and other shenanigans. On the Saturday of our trip, we all decided to go to brunch at Aria. Afterward, I was told that we were going to stop by a friend’s party in the Aria SkySuites while some of our other friends placed bets on the games for that day. We walked up to the Aria SkySuites. Carter opened the door & rose petals lined the walkway and music was playing. Carter led me inside, where the corner suite had a beautiful view. Pictures of us throughout our relationship lined the windows & a video was playing on the TV.

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The video described how he knew I was the one, details of how he had been planning this, that he asked my dad for his blessing & how our friends were in on it. At the end of the video, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Through tears of pure happiness, I said yes!

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After this, my sister and her boyfriend came out of the bedroom to surprise me! Carter had planned for her to fly in that morning. Prior to us arriving, she helped them set up the room.

Following them was our group of friends! The suite was stocked with champagne for a toast. After celebrating in the room, we had dinner at Catch, a restaurant I had been dying to try.

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Image 14 of Candace and Carter captured this whole moment perfectly.

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Carer planned every detail of this day down to the tee. He completely surprised me and surpassed anything I could have ever imagined for this moment. It was pure magic.

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Special Thanks

Erin Marie
 | Photographer