Candace and Adam

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How We Met

Her Side of the Story: I get a call one day from one of my friends wanting to hang out. Of course I said I would love to and we finally decided one night to just get some friends together and have a fun girls night with some drinks, games and music. At this time she was living with her then boyfriend, now husband, so she told him he had to get out of the house for the night because it was going to be just us girls. Through the night we were all having a good time and as all girls do when they get together talk about the men in their life. Well needless to say her boyfriend shows up a little later and as he walks in the door both of my friends just smile at me in their sweetest smiles they could muster up.

Following just a little behind him was this man in a red Arkansas football polo and khaki shorts wearing the biggest grin you have ever seen (and if you know Adam at all you know what I mean! PS don’t be mad Adam you know I love that smile). Of course at this point many of the girls that were over suddenly felt tired and just conveniently wanted to go home. So at this point its just the two of them, Adam, myself and 2 other friends that had stayed. Adam and I ended up talking most of the night, dancing, laughing and singing to the songs on the radio.

About a month later (which I never let him live down by the way) I get this Facebook message from someone who I haven’t talked to since that ‘ladies only’ night. The Facebook message read: “Hey idk if you remember me or not but I was at that lady’s night a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering on a scale of 1 to America, how free are you next weekend?” Honestly I died laughing when I saw this message after I composed myself though I ended up writing back and we figured out a time and ended up going on our first date about a month or so after we had actually met.

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how they asked

Her side of the story: So as many of you know Adam and I do not get much time together with him living in another state right now. Well over Columbus Day weekend he was able to have an extra day off so we had planned on him coming to Georgia to see me since I was still in class. Well come that Saturday he had been telling me for weeks prior that every time he came to see me we were going to go to a nice dinner (mainly because for any of you who know me know that thats the only way to catch me not in a t-shirt and shorts). So he booked reservations at this nice restaurant called 2 Urban Licks (seriously one of the best burgers I’ve ever had but they only sell 22 a night!!). This whole time we are eating he’s not acting nervous but I can tell that there is something, he was just being suspicious (turns out there was some re-planning going on due to an event in Atlanta, but ill get to that). So we finish up with dinner and he had asked me earlier in the day if we could go to Atlanta Centennial Park (yes where he asked me to ‘date’ officially), so we head that way.

Well unknown to me not only was Atlanta holding an FSU (Florida State) and an Alabama game there was also dragon con (pretty much like comic-con). So traffic was my worst nightmare (I don’t do well in traffic…) but surprisingly I was pretty calm, compared to what I normally would be like, and I found a great parking spot. So when this whole day started I knew I would be walking a little bit but I had NO CLUE how much walking he was actually about to make me do, therefore I had chosen my cuter heels over my more comfortable heels (big mistake, actually pretty sure I have a scar on my foot from those shoes because of this day). We walk to the park (no joke about a mile, I don’t care what he says it might be) and the boy is just kind of slowly looking around and I’m getting frustrated by this point so I (in my politest and sweetest) voice tell him I’m going to go sit on the bench next to us and take my shoes off. Pretty much the moment I get my shoes off he suggest to go sit over in this very green grassy area, if you have seen the photos you know I was wearing solid white and all I can think is has this boy lost his damn mind?

I finally concede though and as we are walking the short distance to the grassy area (my shoes did not go back on my feet) he turns me around so I am facing away from him (again I’m thinking what in the world is he doing). At this point in time he is reminding me of when he left for EBOLC (Engineer officer training) that he promised to give me some of his dog tags. He pulls out a set of custom dog tags and to me it looks like he has strategically placed his thumb so all I can read is ‘Candace Jane’ he takes away his thumb and I can see it reads my last name (Edwards). Im not going to lie I was seriously expecting it to read Watts, so needless to say I was pretty disappointed and I’m really glad the photographer he had gotten a secret to me still, couldn’t see my face at this point. Thats when he ask me to turn it over and thats when I read ‘Will You Marry Me’.

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His side of the story: This is where I broke out all the stops. I had it planned for months. I hired a photographer, sent super in-depth emails to her of how I wanted her positioned in relation to us, reservations made at a nice restaurant, coordinated for my parents to come into town, coordinated with her parents to have a dinner at their place the next night, and to top it all off, I bought her engagement ring right in front of her face without her even having the slightest clue. Not to mention I did all this while in army engineer training (a feat I’m pretty proud about). The whole week before I was in the field too so my communication was scarce. Little did I know there was a lot going on in Atlanta that day. Some of these things include DragonCon (very similar to ComiCon but creepier), a water show at the ring fountain, college game day (which Atlanta was hosting the Alabama-Florida State game), and just an absurd amount of people in general. So we went out to nice dinner where the photographer called and informed me about all this. Needless to say this caused me to sweat bullets and make an adjustment to the location. So we worked the new details out, ate our dinner, and drove to the park. This whole time we were bombarded with traffic (which, if you know how Candace is with traffic, made me even more nervous that she was gonna have a conniption and be in a bad mood). Eventually we parked (Candace did not have a conniption) and began our (my) quest looking for the photographer. After aimlessly walking for what felt like hours, Candace took a seat because her feet were hurting and I spotted the photographer. I more or less urged to Candace to go sit in the grass instead which set me up to pop the question.

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Since I wanted to throw in something relatively militaristic to this, I had her a special dog tag made. On the front, it reads “Candace Jane Edwards” while on the back it reads “Will you marry me?” While I thought this was clever, Candace didn’t understand at first and only stared at her name… After I told her to turn it over, she read the question and turned around to find me on one knee with a ring in my hand. With tears in my eyes, I looked up at her and asked her if she would marry me and be my Forever and Always. While you’d think it’d end here, it didn’t quite yet. After she said yes, I stood up and gave her a huge hug and a kiss. While this was going on, a random street performing saxophonist comes over and starts playing “Isn’t She Lovely” for us while we dance in the park with an audience surrounding us and cheering us on.

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Special Thanks

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