Camryn and Justin

Image 1 of Camryn and Justin

How We Met

It was love at first sight, but only for me. I first saw Justin when I was about 12, we went to the same middle school. He had the brightest red hair that stood out amongst everyone, I was mesmerized. The only problem was, he was 2 years older than me and didn’t know I existed. Years passed and our paths crossed again, on Instagram! I sent him a DM, and turns out a couple months prior he had his eyes on me as well. Fast forward to now, Justin is in physician assistant school 5 hours away from our home town, and I moved to be closer to him. Little did I know all this would lead up to a beautiful proposal captured on camera for us to share with all our friends and family. We’re elated to be starting our lives together!

Image 2 of Camryn and Justin

How They Asked

I knew Justin had a ring, but I had no idea how he wanted to propose.We had a fall couples photoshoot planned for late November, and I really wanted all of the beautiful Virginia leaves to come alive in the photos and make it special. I had an idea that he might ask then, but wasn’t too sure. He got down on one knee during the photoshoot at one of the vineyards we fell in love with when we both moved here. I couldn’t have asked for a better photoshoot, or a better proposal.

Image 3 of Camryn and Justin

Special Thanks

Trevor Harris
 | Photographer