Campbell and Jett

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How We Met

Jett and I met in Philadelphia where I work as a flight attendant and he’s in the last year of his law degree and MBA. I caught Jett’s eye at a local wine bar on March 20, 2015. When people ask how we met, Jett always embarrasses me with the explanation: “I walked up to the prettiest girl in the bar and started talking to her.” Both transplants to the North, we immediately realized we had the Southern connection; he went to the University of Georgia, and I went to Ole Miss. From that first moment, Jett was so handsome and charming I could not stop thinking about him. We had our first date two days later. I showed up an hour late because of a delayed flight scared to death Jett would no longer be there. But he was! From there, things moved quickly. We were soon inseparable and began traveling together every month.

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I had always dreamed of going to Paris. Five months after we met, Jett gave me that dream. While admiring the Parisian night from the River Seine, the Eiffel Tower suddenly lit up and Jett told me for the first time, “I love you.” Being highly emotional, I, of course, instantly burst into tears as I said I love you too. It was truly something out of a movie. Somehow, Jett would later top it.

how they asked

Jett: Meeting Campbell in March began the happiest time of my life. After six months, I knew she was the one. We began discussing engagement, and I had Campbell show me her dream ring. I told her it was too expensive and that we’d have to find something else, but in reality my goal was to give Campbell her dream ring and more. After searching all over, I found exactly what I wanted and bought it in November. My original plan was to propose on her birthday in March during our planned trip to Spain. I went out of my way to make her think I hadn’t bought the ring yet by continuing to ask about her preferences every couple weeks. January rolled around and we spontaneously decided to go to Hawaii to escape the Philadelphia snow. I realized Maui would be even better than Spain but had just 48 hours to plan the proposal.

Campbell: When we decided we were going to Hawaii, Jett rushed me out of the house to run errands before our trip. Little did I know, while I was gone he busily planned every detail of the happiest moment of my life. When I got home, Jett told me he had made plans for our first night: watching the sunset on Kapalua Bay followed by dinner overlooking the water. Jett always finds ways to blow me away. I was so excited.

As we drove from the airport to our resort, I was hanging out the window taking pictures of the Maui coastline, and Jett started rushing me to get ready in time for sunset. He knows I’m always late. The breathtaking scenery and the cute guy driving made it really hard to focus, but I finished my makeup just as we arrived at our resort. He also asked me to wear red lipstick and said it would look beautiful (I never wear red lipstick!).

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At the resort, Jett went to get the car while I finished getting ready, and then the three most ironic things happened. When I was on the elevator, an older couple told me I looked like I was dressed for something special and asked if my boyfriend was going to be getting down on one knee tonight!? I was shocked and caught off guard by the comment because that thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. I just laughed. Afterward, on the way to Kapalua Bay, we drove under a full rainbow. Then, once we got there and were having drinks by the water, two people walked up to our table and asked if we were going down to the beach for a photoshoot! Jett played it cool and jokingly replied “No, we always look this good” (embarrassing me again).

After our drinks, Jett said we should walk to the other end of the bay for the best view of the sunset. On the way, we had to walk around a beautiful wedding taking place on the beach and Jett mentioned we should look at rings again when we got back to Philadelphia. Toward the other end, we passed a photographer taking pictures of the ocean, but I thought nothing of it.

As the sun started to fall, we came up on some volcanic rocks and Jett took my hands. He explained it was not a coincidence that we were at this exact spot at this exact moment. As more words poured out of his mouth I did not catch onto what was happening and started to kiss him. He then had a more serious look on his face, and I could not believe what he was saying to me. I thought: “This cannot be real. I would have known!! He hasn’t bought a ring yet!” As the realization set in, my eyes filled with tears, and I completely blacked out. All I remember is saying yes!!!

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When Jett got up from one knee, he explained the photographer was for us, had captured everything, and would shoot with us until dark. She took the most gorgeous photos, and did so despite me having to wipe red lipstick from Jett’s face in between shots!

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But that wasn’t all. We had a fabulous dinner. The restaurant gave us the best table on their balcony, and we both cried as we overlooked the water. It was the only time I’ve ever seen Jett cry. We were the happiest people in the world.

Back at our resort, hundreds of rose petals filled the room, along with a written note and champagne. When our heads finally hit the pillow I couldn’t sleep a wink. I made him pinch me every two minutes to make sure it had really happened.

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When I pictured the best day of my life, I never thought my reality would surpass all of my dreams. It was truly the happiest and most surreal moment. I’ll cherish it forever. Jett made me feel like I was living a fairy tale and continues to do so every day.

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