Cammie and Michael

Proposal Ideas Toccoa Falls

How We Met

Michael & I met through mutual friends at none other than Waffle House during a late-night hangout session. He was interested in something romantic right away, but it took me some time to decide what I wanted. In the meantime, we became very close friends and he was persistent through lots of ups and downs, which made me realize I wanted more than friendship with him!

How They Asked

I knew we would get engaged eventually, but wasn’t expecting it to happen when it did. We wanted to get out of the house on a beautiful Saturday in the midst of the COVID-19 scares. We went on a picnic and ate PB&J’s and enjoyed each other’s company. Then he said he wanted to go see Toccoa Falls, so we drove there. Right in front of the waterfall, he started telling me how much he loved me and how he had known from that first time seeing each other in Waffle House. He said that he wanted us to have adventures together forever and then asked me to marry him! He then later surprised me more with an engagement party with our closest friends.

Cammie and Michael's Engagement in Toccoa Falls

Special Thanks

Lauren Bartlett
 | Planning
Leslie Pritchett
 | Photographer