Cammi and Zach

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our porpoise happened on the pier at Ventura beach, CA.

So to begin, this was the best day EVER! It started out with my family inviting us down to California and we couldn’t resist! We packed our bags and headed down with my family to see some of my cousins. All week we showed Zach around my hometown and took him to all my favorite places. The one thing we couldn’t do (that I really wanted to) was go to the beach. Zach knew I wanted to go so he worked it out with my sister and brother-in-law that we could go on Saturday! So we went and when we got there, there was a festival. We walked through the festival and had a ton of fun! When the time came to leave Zach insisted that we walk down the pier. I agreed and we went. It was so peaceful and hardly anyone was on the pier (which I hadn’t though anything of) and as soon as we get to the end my sister and brother sat behind us recording (which of course I had no idea of) while Zach and I look out at the horizon. He was so quiet and so was I. My thought was just that he was enjoying the moment and soaking it all in like I was. I went to look at him and tell him I loved him, and before I knew it he was already down on one knee asking me to marry him. I cried and his aunt and uncle (who were disguised) snapped photos of the whole thing. It was such a beautiful day and the best proposal!

Proposal Ideas Our porpoise happened on the pier at Ventura beach, CA.