Camillia and Brian

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How We Met

I am a wedding photographer and a dance teacher and Brian is the morning show host on 105.7 SunFM. I’ve been listening to Brian since I was in high school and I remember moving away, and when I’d come home to visit, hearing Brian’s voice on the radio made me feel like I was back home. We met briefly when I was 19 when he came for an On Location at my work. I remember it well, although Brian has a vague recollection.

10 years later we officially met through a mutual friend.

We had an instant connection and Brian is truly my best friend.

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how they asked

I had the wacky idea that we should take a trip to New York City in January. I thought it would be fun to get away even if it was to a cold destination. The day before we left, it was all over the news that New York City was about to experience a blizzard. After a few canceled flights by the airline and some frantic phone calls, we were finally rebooked to LaGuardia. We arrived Friday, January 22 a few hours before the snow started to fall. The blizzard didn’t hamper our plans and we were able to get into Saturday Night Live (Tina Fey made an appearance!), we saw a few shows, and a taping of Seth Meyers. During the travel ban on NYC we were able to walk right down the middle of 5th ave, because there wasn’t a vehicle in sight. To experience NYC with the snow falling and no city noise was an experience in itself!

As a photographer myself, it’s not very often I get to be in front of the camera and I thought it would be a fun way to commemorate our trip with a photo shoot. A few weeks before we left, I found our photographer Armando, and we set up the session for Monday the 25th. Brian and I have photos taken before but they were outdated and what better than in New York City skyline backdrop!

Little did I know, Brian had also contacted Armando and had planned to propose to me during the photos!

The photos session was going really well, and was really fun! Brian is very sensitive and emotional guy and gets weepy when he’s happy. Armando asked us to stand at “X” spot and look at each other. I could tell by the look on Brians face and the tears in his eyes that this was it. He was going to propose.

When Brian cries, I laugh. And I laughed hard. Truth is, I don’t remember anything he said!

After I said yes, we kissed and a group of girls who witnessed our proposal cheered and clapped for us!

We finish off the photo session as an engaged couple! We told our friends and family right away but I didn’t want to announce the engagement on Facebook until I got the photos back.

Two weeks laterwe announced on Facebook and apparently people had been pushing for this because Brian got 1.2k likes on our announcement!

I love this man and I love our love story. New York City proposal is the cherry on top of the ice cream on top of the cake!

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Special Thanks

Armando Espinoza
 | Photographer