Camille and Myles

How We Met

Myles and I met through our mutual friend, Rachel. She is my co-worker and his sister-in-law. One day Rachel had suggested that we send each other friend requests on Facebook because she thought we had a lot in common.

Myles and I added each other on Facebook in January 2016 and started chatting through Messenger for a few months before our first date in March of the same year. Our first date consisted of buying a few books at Chapters before heading to McDonald’s where Myles had his first-ever Big Mac.

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How They Asked

July 7, 2019! Myles and I spent the weekend in Bala to watch one of our favorite bands play a show.

That morning we woke up and had breakfast at a local restaurant. After breakfast, we decided to hang out by the water for a bit before our 3-hour drive home. While at the waterfront we decided to take a few Polaroids. Once the Polaroids had developed, I grabbed my cell phone to take some pictures of the Polaroids on the picnic table. As I was snapping pictures Myles said, “Wait! Get a picture with this in there.” PULLED OUT A RING FROM WHO KNOWS WHERE AND PLACED IT IN THE CENTER OF THE POLAROIDS. I was in shock and immediately started crying.

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