Camille and Jordan

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How We Met

It all started from a glance across the room, that’s when I truly noticed Jordan. My friend Katie pointedly asked, “So what guys do you think are cute.” Glancing back at Jordan, “I think he’s pretty cute.” After that moment I couldn’t shake it our of my mind that he might be different than anyone I had ever met and man, was I right! A couple days later, it was just a regular day and I had made my way over to grab some dinner from the cafe. After I had paid for my food I looked for a place to sit and that’s when my friend, Jacob, called me over to sit next him and, to my surprise, Jordan. All I really knew about him was that he was popular and everyone who knew him loved him. So there I was, smashed between Jacob and Jordan and that’s when our friendship began. Soon after we had finished our food we all decided to stop by the gym to see the a the college basketball game. There, Jordan and I talked for what seemed like hours. I can’t even remember what we said but it was probably us just quoting Anchorman. I don’t think I really knew how much of an impact that random first encounter would be, but I’m sure glad it happened.

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how they asked

Jordan has been working the last couple months at a jewelry store which made trying on rings a regular occurrence. Back in October 2016, I decided to do some serious searching to see if there was a ring I could see myself wearing at the alter. That’s when I came across the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. If you’ve seen “Say Yes to the Dress,” then you know what I mean when I say I had that “feeling” when I tried it on. I gushed over the ring for several days, unable to keep myself from staring at pictures of it from every angle on my phone. Fast forward to a month later, Jordan walked into his apartment after work and let me know the bad news. The ring had been sold. Crushed, I tried to stay positive and say that I could find another one that would be amazing too but I knew it would be easier said than done. Several months later, and no luck, our two year anniversary arrived and I was excited to see what Jordan had planned. The night before he gave me a beautifully wrapped box and told me to open it in the morning when I woke up. The next day, I opened my gift and in it was a flowy floral dress and yellow diamond stud earrings. Turns out we were going to take couple photos that afternoon and our friend, Nic, would be the photographer.

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After my classes, I got dressed and then we made our way to the capitol building in downtown Lincoln. Walking into the building, we made our way over to our favorite photographer and began the shoot. At first, we took some photos to figure out lighting and where we should stand. Checking Pinterest for inspiration until we found a couple poses that would work. A few attempts later, Nic was getting ready to transition to the next shot and directed Jordan to grab my hand. Complaining he had something on his shoe he needed to clean off, Jordan got to his knee and pulled a ring box out of his sock (fun fact: I thought he was doing that thing where he pretends to propose but then ties his shoe instead, thus, my reaction).

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I immediately began sobbing and followed with a “yes,” after his speech. That’s when I actually realized what ring was being held in the box.

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It was MY ring. The one I had fallen in love with all that time ago and was made to believe was sold. Crying even more now, I was so incredibly happy. Jordan had put so much thought and love into such an amazing day and I’m so excited to start another chapter of life with him!

Special Thanks

Nicholas Morrison
 | Photographer