Camille and Jeremy

How We Met

We met on the app, Coffee Meets Bagel! I wasn’t expecting much (I’d had lots of horrible dating experiences) so I was hesitant, but after that date, I felt I already knew where things were going.

How They Asked

I should have known from the questions on Thursday night (for one thing, he asked me if I got my nails done), but I had been so wrong about guessing, I put it out of my mind. The plan was to meet at his apartment and cook dinner together at 5:30 (which he repeated), and get ready for our winter break trip to see family the next day. Fast forward to Friday at 3, and I had had it with work, so I left early, and thought I would stop by his apartment before I started packing at my house. Second strange thing, the door is dead bolted.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Groom’s apartment

I have a key, but after I struggled for a bit to unlock it, his roommate sheepishly stuck his head out and told me that my boyfriend wanted me “to get some cokes” from the store. By then, it was clear what was happening, so while I wasted time meandering in HEB, I didn’t know that my boyfriend was speeding home from vainly trying to corral his friend’s dog and chickens (which he had volunteered to look after). When I got back, there were rose petals leading to a now unlocked door, and numbers papers which had photos of several memories on them face down. After I uncovered all of them, his roommate once again sheepishly led me to the door, and when I opened it, my fiancé was there on one knee. Although I almost ruined it (and the chickens and dog as well), it was the private, personal proposal that I had dreamed of.

Camille's Proposal in Groom’s apartment